Covid, in Tuscany only 5 new infections in 24 hours


Since the beginning of the epidemic, 10,067 Tuscans have been infected. Since yesterday, no new positive cases in the provinces of Siena, Arezzo and Grosseto

-> FLORENCE – In Tuscany I am 10,067 coronavirus positivity cases, 5 more than yesterday. Of these two were found in the ASL
Center, 3 in the North West Asl. In the ASL Sus Est territory, which includes the provinces of Arezzo, Siena and Grosseto, not even a new case has been identified.

There are 67 more healed today and bring the total to 7,416. They represent 73.7% of the total cases). There are also 2 new deaths, one in Florence and one in Prato: these are 2 very old women, with an average age of 91 and a half years. The currently positive are 1,636 today, -3.8% compared to yesterday.

Below are the cases of positivity on the territory with
the change from yesterday, remembering that they refer not to
province of residence but to that in which the diagnosis was made

– 3,451 total cases to date in Florence, 562 in Prato, 673 a
Pistoia (2 more),

– 1,044 in Massa Carrara, 1,360 in Lucca, 888 in Pisa (2
more), 552 in Livorno (1 more),

– 676 ​​in Arezzo, 438 in Siena, 423 in

Tuscany confirms its 10th place in Italy as the number of
cases, with around 270 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (Italian average around 381
x100,000, yesterday’s figure).

I’m 1,447 people infected in solitary confinement at home (minus 67 compared to yesterday). I am instead 7,559 (minus 171 compared to yesterday) peoplealso isolated, in active surveillance, because they had contacts with infected people (Asl Centro 3.785, North West 3.482, South East 292).

The number of people admitted to the beds dedicated to Covid patients slightly increased, which today total 189, 3 more than yesterday (plus 1.6%) of which 37 in intensive care (1 less than yesterday, minus 2.6%). It is the lowest point since 9 March 2020 for intensive care.

I’m 1,015 died from the beginning of the epidemic
divided as follows: 370 in Florence, 46 in Prato, 79 in Pistoia, 141 in Massa
Carrara, 134 in Lucca, 85 in Pisa, 58 in Livorno, 45 in Arezzo, 29 in Siena,
 20 in Grosseto, 8 people died on Tuscan soil, but they were
residents outside the region.

The crude Tuscan mortality rate (number of deceased / population
resident) for Covid-19 is 27.2 x100,000 residents compared to 54.3
x100,000 of the Italian average (11th region). As regards the
provinces, the highest mortality rate is found in Massa Carrara
(72.4 x100.000), Florence (36.6 x100.000) and Lucca (34.5 x100.000), the most
 low in Grosseto (9.0 x100.000).

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