Covid in Cremasco. Ats: ‘5 new cases registered’


In Cremasco I am five the new cases coronavirus infection in the last 24 hours. The official data recorded yesterday (Friday 22 May) by Ats Val Padana is from 2201 cases since February 21st. The number includes the inpatients, those undergoing home quarantine in the face of the positivity of the swab and the deceased: those who are in quarantine whose outcome of the swab is not yet known are excluded.

The situation in the province
As for our province – fifth nationally for people positive to the virus after that of Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and Turin – Cremona is the city most affected with 1533 cases. Compared to the data disclosed yesterday by the Lombardy Region (6374) lin the province of Cremona it records 6327 Covid19 cases, with an increase of seven cases compared to Thursday.

The municipalities most affected in Cremasco
In detail the city of Cream sees 519 cases (+1), followed by Castelleone with 240 (0), Offanengo with 110 (0), Pandino with 108 (0), Revolt of Adda with 97 (0), Soncino with 88 (+1), Sergnano with 65 (0), Ripalta Cremasca with 55 (0), Romanengo with 54 (0), Bagnolo Cremasco with 52 (0), Trigolo with 51 (0), Vailate with 49 (0), Montodine with 47 (0), Agnadello with 44 (0), Vaiano Cremasco with 44 (+1), Spino d’Adda with 40 (0) and Trescore Cremasco with 37 cases (0). Regarding the percentage of incidence of the virus on the population, Trigolo is the most affected country (3.01% of residents) followed by Castelleone (2.53%) and Fiesco (2.17%): the average Cremasco figure is 1.35%. For more details on the territory and the data of the other municipalities, look there map interactive.

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