Covid emergency and new poverty: inconvenience and risks for Rome


They say that those who are satisfied cannot understand who is hungry; I – wrote Dostoevsky – add that a hungry person does not understand another hungry person. And this, we allow ourselves to add, a dangerous multiplier of social tensions in a country that doesn’t need it. From North to South, in cities as well as in the most remote corners of a traumatized Italy, Covid-19 sends fewer people to the hospital but leaves the poisoned seed of poverty behind. And Rome does not escape its role as Capital, concentrating in itself all the negative effects of the post lockdown.

The optimism that the government spreads in its ongoing manifestation, clashes with a dramatic reality, the effects of which are evidently underestimating. The cursed moloch of an out of control bureaucracy the enemy to beat in the untrustworthy words of a political class unable to inflict a fatal blow on it. Only one, decisive, definitive. Sever this web of rules and rules that stifle businesses, families, lives. We ask the ministers of the interior and the economy, the president of the Lazio region, the mayor of Rome, the prefect, the commissioner, to ask for an accurate survey of the city. A city that appears at times desolate, silent, empty, afraid.

We ask these representatives of the institutions not to remain closed in their offices because from those rooms you cannot perceive the desperation of so many of the Romans. Words are not needed and the good will of those who have to do it to make their family eat is not enough. The state must know what is happening, it must know that bars, restaurants, activities of all kinds are besieged by moneylenders and criminals of all kinds who try – and often succeed – to take possession of it for a few pennies.

He tells about it Courier service and all the media are testifying to it. But what’s the use if you don’t take action immediately and with the right tools? It is as if – distracted, or in any case incapable – a protest explodeswhose outcomes could be difficult to manage. The shame of redundancy checks that do not arrive (Giuseppe Di Piazza told it well in his fund yesterday), of money announced in the most varied forms that seem to be those of the Monopoly – unusable – of unnecessary or false simplifications and concessions, all this embodies ideas and actions of an increasingly large slice of citizens. The mayor Raggi announces a sort of free tables to support bars and restaurants and then one realizes that there are 33 rules to be respected. What name do we want to give to this initiative? And there are many poisoned surprises.

The time for words has run out. And from those who hold institutional positions it is right to expect that courage that so far has not had. It is time to show face without the television screen, to put one step after another on the streets of Rome and talk, ask, solve. There is no more time for sophistry, formulas, promises. The closeness of the institutions is not a formula and this closeness people want to see it, touch it. This is the time of the lions. If there are, they warn us when they are on the street. We will follow them, tell them, support them. Like a great newspaper does when it sniffs out injustices, dangers, rubbish.

May 29, 2020 | 07:55


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