Covid, China is not the only ‘smoking gun’: responsibilities should be divided by at least three


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Ok, the World Health Organization will investigate the origin of the COVID-19 but at the “most appropriate time”, says the motion approved by the Assembly. If the essence of the documents of the supranational bodies is in the details, then in our case they fade the urgency of the independent investigation into the management of the pandemic by Coronavirus – and perhaps the arrogance with which it was asked.

The motion voted by the WHO Annual Assembly, drafted in its final draft by the European Union and Australia, shows that it will not be easy to nail Beijing to its alleged responsibility, as Washington presses. The questions we ask ourselves are many: why the virus has developed dramatically, especially where there is a concentration of industrial activities or industrial agriculture? In particular where the large farms are located – Lombardy and Veneto have a high concentration.

And then: what reinforces that dangerous little monster and quickly changes it? The responsibility for the damage caused is to be attributed to SARS-CoV-2 or the functioning of national health systems? And finally, and above all, who is responsible for his spread? According to Dr. Antonio Onorati, an expert on agricultural systems and exponent of Ari, the Italian rural Association (peasant organization affiliated worldwide to La Via Campesina, 200 million members on all continents) will be very difficult to find the smoking gun, that is the P.aese rogue in question.

Honored invites you to reflect on the protagonists of the notorious laboratory of Wuhan. As is known, it was the English newspaper Dailymail to tell about the experimentation on bats carried out as part of a project financed with 3.7 million dollars by the Nih (US Institute of Health): therefore, the United States I am an important ‘shareholder’ of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the most ‘attentive’ laboratory on Earth, having invested a lot of money in the research that is carried out there.

The laboratory it is classified as P4, i.e. designed to carry out activities with infected materials or microbiological experiments which present, or are suspected of presenting, a high risk both for those who work in the laboratory and for the community. It’s not over. Always following the analysis of the Ari exponete and the news from open sources, we find that there are really a lot of people in Wuhan.

In fact, the laboratory was also built with the collaboration of France, from the beginning. Part of the staff trained at the P4 Jean Mérieux laboratory in Lyon and in February 2017 the French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve inaugurated the launch of the laboratory.

We read from the website of the Presidency of the French Republic which reports the bilateral cooperation agreement: “France and China will conduct joint leading research on the infectious diseases and emerging, relying on Wuhan’s P4 laboratory ”. Subsequent press agencies inform us that after the Prime Minister’s visit in 2017, France invested one million euros a year in the Wuhan laboratory.

In summary: if the virus had escaped from that laboratory, there were three of them holding the smoking gun. It will not be easy to accuse the “Chinese regime”: if they have responsibilities, they have shared them with others.

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