Covid bonus, by June 3 applications


Self-employed workers who were eligible for the Covid allowance for the month of March and have not yet applied can only do so until June 3. The INPS clarified this with a circular on the relaunch decree, underlining that for those who have already received the allowance in March, payment will be made with the same conditions in April without requiring a new application. The date of June 3, however, is valid, according to the provisions of the Decree of the Relaunch, also for self-employed workers holding an ordinary disability allowance and who due to this status, not provided for in the original text of the Cura Italia decree, had not been able to submit an application of allowances for March.

Bonus from 600 euros

The date of Wednesday for the presentation of the 600 euro bonus application also applies to those show business workers included in the relaunch decree but not in Cura Italia (those who had at least seven daily contributions paid in 2019, from which derives an income not exceeding 35,000 euros). These workers, as envisaged for the other categories, must not be holders of direct pension treatment and must not be holders of an employment relationship.

New rules

The bonus for self-employed workers already scheduled for March (traders, craftsmen, farmers, freelancers and collaborators, seasonal workers for tourism, etc.), reminds INPS, does not contribute to the formation of income and does not give the right to a figurative contribution. Among the workers not included in the Cura Italia for the bonus, workers with intermittent contracts, seasonal workers in sectors other than tourism, occasional self-employed workers and those in charge of home vendors will also be able to apply thanks to the new rules.

Spending limit

For the latter, the spending limit is 220 million. For these, provision is made for the months of March, April and May in a single solution. “By connecting to the INPS website and entering the” Indemnity 600 euro “service, – explains the Minister of Labor, Nunzia Catalfo – these workers can now claim the bonus for the months of March, April and May, introduced by the Cura Italia decree and extended with the Relaunch Decree. Once the application is made, the three months will be provided to them in a single solution. My commitment and that of the whole Government to help those most affected by the economic difficulties caused by Covid-19 – he concludes – remains constant “.

4.8 million questions

According to the latest INPS data on the 600 euro bonus, self-employed workers received 4.8 million applications and almost four million were paid. As regards layoffs, the workers who benefited from the payment are 6.8 million, 2.58 million with direct payment of INPS and 4.24 million with the advance of the company.

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