Covid, a group of doctors in the government: “Revoke the prudential measures, the factual assumptions are missing”


A number of bans persist that does not find scientific legitimacy The application is signed by Pasquale Mario Bacco, Antonietta Gatti, Mariano Amici, Carmela Rescigno, Fabio Milani, Maria Grazia Dondini. According to the white coats “to date, despite a clearly positive health picture, an impressive number of obligations and prohibitions that do not find any scientific and even legal legitimacy persist. Instead, a confused, contradictory and unjustified regulation persists for those who have a daily and direct response to the patient’s situation “.

Just spread alarming news Furthermore “we believe in the first place that it is necessary to clarify in a unique, clear and scientifically credible way that Covid-19 has proven to be an influenza form no more serious than the other seasonal coronaviruses: despite the WHO has declared the pandemic emergency the March 11, the official figures of the deceased, the infected and the healed contradict the very definition of ‘pandemic.’ It is necessary to give correct information and to provide criteria for understanding real data, avoiding that the media spread alarming news, in our opinion absolutely unjustified. The statistical trivialization of deaths is the synthesis of an institutional communication that has prevented, for the whole emergency and still today, from having a clear summary of the situation, leading to a vicious circle in terms of health measures and social impact “.

The truth about the victims Experts also wonder why continue with the “war bulletins” when in 98% of cases, as stated by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, the victims are elderly people with two or three more serious pre-existing diseases. If in the press releases only “the deceased for Covid, and only Covid, were given, what would be the deviation from the official averages in previous years for similar pathologies?”.

Swabs are not reliable tools The doctors then wonder, “what are the real reasons why in some areas of Northern Italy there has been such an abnormal spread and a lethality so much higher than in other areas of the country, even neighboring”. The instance also speaks of swabs, which are not a reliable tool since there have been percentages of “false positives” and “false negatives” and “consequently, the percentages obtained from the number of swabs must be interpreted and explained as much to health professionals. as for the media and the population, avoiding unnecessary alarmism “.

Because the findings of field doctors were not taken into account It is also necessary to clarify, they observe, “what is the reason why it was decided not to take into account the studies and findings of doctors and specialists engaged in the field, favoring the questionable approach of the ‘experts’ even where contradicted by documented cases The use of pulmonary ventilators also seems at least controversial “, given that it was pulmonary thromboembolism and not pneumonia.

Why prevent autopsies? Another question that is not answered is “why the autopsy tests were prevented, which instead proved, when performed, an irreplaceable source of very valuable information and which allowed to discover that the main cause of the deaths was not the virulence of the pathology, but its incorrect treatment “.

Why the sick in RSA and why still keep their distance where not necessary And then “for what reasons, on WHO’s recommendation, arrangements have been made to transfer elderly patients to RSAs, with well-known consequences” and “for what reason we continue obstinately to ‘threaten’ future possible scenarios of tightening containment measures, as if the epidemiology depended only on the failure to comply with health provisions whose effectiveness is at least doubtful: no scientific evidence allows us to affirm that at this stage of the epidemic it is still necessary to maintain safety distances, use masks, wear gloves as well as taking care of hand hygiene “. Use of the mask which is strongly criticized for the collateral damage it entails.

In the event of a failure to respond, the complaint is ready Finally, the experts conclude, “we trust, in a spirit of sincere collaboration, to receive an answer to these observations of ours, which will allow us to put an end to the dangerous speculations of those who, faced with so much amateurism, raise the doubt that Covid-19 is used for ulterior motives “. In the event that the government and the other authorities requested do not respond within the terms established by law, the doctors will proceed with a complaint.

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