Covid, 58 new infections in Bergamo in the last 24 hours, the Region: “No magheggio on numbers”


Lombardy Region has released the data of the last 24 hours. 14,078 swabs were made and 354 new Covid-19 positives were identified. 546 people have been cured in the last 24 hours and the currently positive in the Region are now 22,683, 230 less than yesterday. Compared to the latest bulletin, there are 38 deaths among people with coronaviruses for a total of 16,012 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic.

For the day of Friday 29 May the following are:
– the swabs made: 14.078 total total: 727.146
– currently positive: 22,683 (-230)
– overall total of the positives found in Lombardy from the beginning of the pandemic to today: 88,537
– new positive cases: 354 (2.5% ratio with daily swabs)
– the healed / discharged: 546 total total: 49,842
– in intensive care: = total total: 173
– inpatients not in intensive care: 82 total overall: 3,552
– deaths: 38 total total: 16,012

The cases of Covid 19 by province with the difference compared to Thursday 28 May:
MILAN: 22,982 (+74) of which 9,750 (+32) in Milan city
BERGAMO: 13.302 (+58)
BRESCIA: 14.683 (+71)
COMO: 3,837 (+14)
CREMONA: 6.442 (+13)
LECCO: 2.730 (+1)
LODI: 3.458 (+11)
MANTUA: 3,339 (+9)
MONZA BRIANZA: 5,510 (+30)
PAVIA: 5.293 (+32)
SONDRIO: 1,459 (+5)
VARESE: 3,590 (+41)
and 1,912 being verified.

May 29 covid region data


“We do not accept that we speak of magicians or that we want to give positive data. We monitor official data as other Regions do and make the best decisions for our citizens. “
The vice president of the Lombardy Region said so Fabrizio Sala during the ‘Inside the Facts’ broadcast by Tgcom24 on the statements of the president of the Gimbe Foundation, Nino Cartabellotta, who spoke of ‘magheggi on numbers’ by the Lombardy Region.

“Lombardy – added Sala – makes a direct and complete communication, all analytical data are in the Civil Protection portal with which we communicate daily before giving the data to the public and we have always been aligned with the Government. Many Lombard researchers have reminded me that in the information contained in the Cartabellotta agency there are several errors regarding communication. On the calculation of the R0 or Rt it is not true that all processing uses the discharged / healed variable “.



“It is not nice – said Vice President Sala – that there are scientists who say different things from each other. Before making certain statements, it would be advisable to make all the necessary checks. Because the Lombardy Region also provides the contagion acceleration curves and we give the same data that, for example, the Veneto Region provides ”.

“In three, at most six months, the economic crisis is likely to kill more than Covid. If the economy does not start up again – stressed Fabrizio Sala – there will be problems for health too. Healthcare expenditure is financed with taxes: if there are no taxes, there will also be a drop in the quality of the healthcare services offered, also to treat other diseases ”.



“We are not worried – vice-president Sala said – we remain cautious even knowing that we must live with this virus until the vaccine arrives. We note that serious cases are not currently being accessed within hospitals and this is a fact that can be ascertained “.

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