Covid-19, “there is a risk of social anger”. In the government it is feared that it is only the beginning


The lockdown ended less than two weeks ago and three politicians have ended up under escort: the Minister of Education Azzolina, the Deputy Minister of Health Sileri and the Lombard Governor Fontana. There are three different stories, as different are the technical profiles that led to the decision to protect them. But their events are linked by a common denominator: the emergency management from Covid-19. In their respective functions Azzolina, Sileri and Fontana have become visible for the institutional activities they carry out and have become targets. true – as explained by the Interior Ministry – that these are only precautionary and precautionary measures, but equally true that the seriousness of the threats must have largely crossed the border of insults if the protection of the three politicians was prepared. And there is strong concern in the government, so much so that one of its representatives with access to the security dossiers has let slip one and we have not seen anything yet: The climate does not help – he added – so it is essential that the economic resources allocated reach their destination as soon as possible . We are aware of the risk of social anger. On the other hand, the structures in charge had moved well in advance, as two anti-riot exercises by special bodies testified at the beginning of the pandemic. While the owner of the Interior Lamorgese, with directives sent to the prefects and with interviews, anticipates several times as to the difficulties in the world of business and work could be accompanied by serious tensions.

Envelope with intimidation

Tensions that are now being released on politics, but not only. If at one time the state was called to protect labor lawyers, now called to protect epidemiologists. In fact, authoritative sources say that in recent days one of the senior managers of the Istituto Superiore di Sanit reported that he had received an envelope with intimidation. Many peaks of the same iceberg emerge, and the ice of which it is made has a common matrix: the Covid emergency and those in the spotlight while operating at various levels to counter it. In these hours, bipartisan solidarity certificates have followed one another who ended up under escort, and in the Palace the parties wonder if it is political violence, a movement of post-ideological rejection or a germ of rebellion that promises to strike in a way undifferentiated majority and opposition to the cry of what you are doing there. The problem facing politics with this virus does not seem to have anti-bodies to combat it, because the extreme language that has used over the years has caught it without an adequate common lexicon.

Tensions over the economic crisis

The verbal weapons used in the competition now turn against the whole community, without exception. It is true that appeals were made yesterday to lower the tone, as for example the Foreign Minister Di Maio did. But the words are likely to arrive empty, devoid of power, even hardly credible if the truce between opposing sides is slow to materialize and in the meantime lunar controversies break out as happened between the mayor of Milan and the governor of Sardinia. The Palazzo was already under pressure, well before the emergency broke out. To put it with an undersecretary of the Democratic Party, the tension resumed from the point where it stopped with the beginning of the quarantine. But Covid 19 proved to be a formidable accelerator of tensions due to the economic crisis that it caused. So the policy ended under post-pandemic escort, triggering alerts everywhere. There is evidence from what is reported to Copasir that receives communications from intelligence, committed to monitoring all information systems. Of course the web has now become the most popular place, but Sileri has found a ticket on his car and Fontana has been pointed to the walls. As was the case in the past. And everyone, the majority and the opposition, hope that this will not become their new normal. But if the motto was we will come out better, the signs are not good.

May 27, 2020 (change May 27, 2020 | 10:52 pm)


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