Covid-19, the quick test arrives in 30 minutes: ok for placing on the market


Covid-19, the rapid test arrives in 30 minutes: ok for the placing on the market of the new and very important diagnostic test.

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A new one will be placed on the market shortly rapid test able to identify the infection from COVID-19 in just 30 minutes. Ansa reports it, according to which the research project ‘HG nCoV19 testFunded by the EU and public and private organizations from Ireland, Italy, the United Kingdom and China, it would have developed this innovative diagnostic system capable of giving reliable results in no time. A further step forward which would further reduce the risk of spreading the infections.

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Covid-19, quick test in 30 minutes: the details

But it didn’t end there. The ‘Hibergene’, a well-known Irish company from Dublin that coordinates the research project ‘HG nCoV19 test’, has already received the CE marking necessary for the placing of the same test on the market of medical devices. This is just one of 18 selected projects that will receive funding of almost 50 million euros from Horizon 2020 with the aim of creating tests, therapies and vaccines useful for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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