Covid 19, is a 52 year old who was the first victim of the virus in the city of Corato


CORATO – He had already recovered from the virus for several weeks, but Covid 19 had irreparably compromised his health. After an agony of two and a half months, the first coratina victim of the Coronavirus died at dawn the other morning. He is a 52-year-old man, the first of 8 people to date in the city.

Since the swab verified its positivity on 15 March, the man has been hospitalized in the “Vittorio Emanuele II” hospital in Bisceglie, one of the local reference centers for Covid patients. However, the clinical picture was critical right from the start and the doctors’ treatment was of no avail. Also due to some previous pathologies, the virus quickly worsened the health condition of the 52 year old, until his death in the score hours.

“Unfortunately Corato also suffers the death of a fellow citizen who tested positive for the coronavirus,” said the extraordinary commissioner, Paola Bianca Maria Schettini, in a message of condolence.

“The municipal administration, moved, expresses feelings of closeness to the family and participates in the pain that affects the entire community.” Although there are no positive cases in the city at the moment, the tragic death of the 52-year-old remembers ruthlessly that the Coronavirus emergency is far from over.

“The beginning of phase 2 unfortunately saw an unjustified increase in people on the street, sometimes without preventive devices, with particular regard to the evening hours by young people”, reiterates the extraordinary commissioner in this regard. «In recalling that all gatherings continue to be prohibited, I appeal to the sense of responsibility of all of you and especially of you young people – continues dr. Schettini – which you have shown so far to mature the restrictions imposed by the epidemic. I understand your desire to go out and finally meet your friends, but I ask you to do it in moderation and adopting all the security measures that the situation requires, to safeguard your health and that of all citizens. We do not nullify the efforts made and the results obtained ».

“I also appeal to parents – concludes the commissioner – to supervise their children, in the knowledge that control cannot be entrusted only to the police who already work hard on the territory. Let’s all feel involved in taking every precaution and give us a hand. ”

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