Covid-19 infringements in Serie A are born: there is a hypothesis warning


There is not yet a real procedure regarding «Covid-19» infringements which must eventually be sanctioned by the referees. He expects the official start of the championship to be announced. Definitely, the reference point will be the Bundesliga, which first of all has restarted the ball and therefore can serve as an “example”. Besides penalty fouls is offside, referees and assistants should be careful that no one breaks the rules security rules contained in the tender protocol that the FIGC will submit to the CTS and the Government after having perfected it. Pena, so it has been summarily hypothesized, the yellow card. Nothing pre-match handshakes, Hugs after a goal and “saliva production”, ie the spitting. Although the Bundes itself has shown that certain risky behaviors from a health point of view are difficult to control and punish. Any reference to Kenny is Nastasic (Schalke 04) for the manure and a Cunha (Hertha Berlin) for hugs. And what about the alleged kiss between Dedryck Boyata is Marko Grujic passed as “advice” whispered in the ear? Among the rules to be applied, that of the five substitutions in a maximum of three moments (2-2-1 or 1-2-2).

Coronavirus, the protocol for arbitrators

What is certain is that even the referee team will be subjected to a rigid protocol. He will be the first to arrive at the field, one hour and forty-five minutes before the start of the game, while he will be the last to possibly enter the field for warm-up (half an hour before the kick-off). in locker room referees (sanitized before and after each use) can enter only them, no one else, with the objects of the trade (watches, flags, whistles, tags, etc) which will be sanitized several times during the game. The same applies to theclock necessary for GLT (Gol Line Technology), also sanitized, with the test before the match which will be carried out only by the referee and a linesman. There will be no verification of badges is documents by the fourth man, while the post VAR (where possible) it will be placed across the field from now (which is close to the benches), this in order not to fall into temptation. You know, prevention is better than cure …

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