Covid-19, in Varese under 9 cases. In Lombardy the percentage of positive swabs is lowered


In the whole province of Varese, according to the regional report of Tuesday 26 May, I’m 9 new positive swabs which bring the total number of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic to 3,520. (Photo: M. Santimone).

As for the rest of the Lombardy they count 159 more positive swabs, in the face of 9,176 swabs carried out. Across the region the positive cases have come to 87,417. The currently positive people to the virus I am 24477 (-738 compared to yesterday).

875 people have been healed since yesterday, for a total of 47,044 since the beginning of the epidemic.

The number of patients in intensive care is 183 (13 less than yesterday). The number of inpatients who are not in intensive care is also down, which is 3,622, or 99 less than yesterday. The deaths across the region have become 15,896, it’s about 22 people more than yesterday.

Several times we have raised doubts about the fact that three months after the beginning of the health emergency there is still no timely and updated communication system on the progress of the epidemic in our area. In the regional bulletin only the data relating to the new positive swabs identified province by province together with other indicators but only of a regional nature are disseminated. For this reason on several occasions we asked ATS Insubria to answer ten questions for a more precise analysis of the situation in our province but we have received answers only on a few occasions and with data aggregated with the Como area.

This it represents a limit since it is not easy to distinguish new infections emerged from the activity of monitoring the most risky situations (health personnel, rescuers, guests of rest homes and disabled residences) from those who actually develop in normal contexts (family, work, companies, commercial activities and public spaces).

The 30 most affected municipalities in the Varese area

(Given in update)

The cases in the Lombardy provinces

Bergamo 12977 +23
Brescia 14489 +10
Como 3785 +25
Cremona 6400 +4
Lecco 2724 0
Lauds 3412 +6
Monza Brianza 5460 0
Milan 22764 +38
Mantua 3327 +7
Pavia 5229 +23
Sondrio 1429 +3
Varese 3520 +9


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