Covid-19, Gallera was heard by the Bergamo magistrates as an informed person


Giulio Gallera, regional welfare councilor, was heard by Bergamo prosecutors as an informed person on the facts in relation to the management of the health emergency from Covid-19 in the Bergamo area. The prosecutors, coordinated by Maria Cristina Rota, investigate a culpable epidemic regarding the failure to close the emergency room in Alzano Lombardo on Sunday 23 February, the dead in the RSA and the failure to establish a red zone in the Seriana Valley in the first week of March. The hearing, which took place in the late afternoon of Thursday 28 May 2020, lasted more than three hours. He told reporters that were waiting for him in front of the prosecutor’s office not to be worried.

Waiting for Gallera outside the power of attorney, among others, Walter Semperboni, deputy mayor of Valbondione, a thousand inhabitants in Val Seriana, who lost his father to Covid-19 and asked for Gallera’s resignation: «I ask for justice as an administrator and as a citizen “He commented explaining that he had taken his father to the hospital in Piario where” on March 1st nobody, among nurses and doctors, wore a mask and gloves “.

Red area missed in Bergamo

Among the various themes, the failure to create the red zone between Nembro and Alzano Lombardo was touched upon. A controversial topic. The commissioner reiterated what has been said several times, that is that the Region was in favor of the construction of that red zone and also the Higher Institute of Health had given the green light; but when the movements of the army towards Val Seriana began on March 5, it seemed that it was about to decree the Government, and so Lombardy waited. Then, instead, the orange zone arrived for the whole Region. Gallera also added (and this is not new) that he subsequently deepened the legislation, noting that Lombardy could have created the red zone without waiting for the government.

At the end of the hearing, Gallera and his staff left the Bergamo prosecutor’s office from a secondary entrance to avoid meeting journalists. During the interview with the magistrates, the councilor answered at length to all the questions asked by the prosecutors. In recent weeks, the Director General of Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Luigi Cajazzo, was heard who explained that he had made the decision, on February 23, to reopen the emergency room of Alzano, after a temporary closure due to the emergence of two cases of Covid-19, in agreement with Asst Bergamo Est (the hospital company), after having had reassurance on the sanitation of the premises and the separation of the routes. Friday 29 May will be the turn of Governor Attilio Fontana.

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Gallera and Cajazzo will be heard in the regional commission

Gallera and Cajazzo will also be heard by the newly established commission of inquiry of the regional council on the management of the health emergency. A commission started between the controversies with the election as president (role due to the opposition) of Renziana Patrizia Baffi, while the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement focused on the Bergamo representative of the Democratic Party Jacopo Scandella. The two major opposition parties immediately asked for Baffi’s resignation from the role, because he was elected only with the votes of the majority plus his own, and accused her of having actually passed with the center-right, while the other opposition candidate, Michele Usuelli (+ Europa-Radicali), complained that all parties took the commission as a “box” to occupy.

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