Covid-19 emergency over, but the municipal swimming pool in Adria may not reopen


ADRIA (Rovigo) – There is no peace for the Inn.nova consortium, manager of the municipal swimming pool of Adria, which after being forced to close for two and a half months at the end of 2019, for the restoration of the roof of the municipal structure, fortunately performed smoothly (READ THE ARTICLE), has seen a second closure imposed by the Coronavirus emergency and now … ready to reopen, the cold shower of the need for other work to be done inside the system by the owner. The nightmare of forced closures does not subside.Optimism is not at home in via Lampertheim in Adria and there seems to be a further closure for the internal pools of the Adria municipal swimming pool, which could go on for quite some time. In fact, there is talk that before autumn the indoor pools will not reopen.

Wednesday there will be a meeting between the Inn.nova manager and the municipal administration, to understand what interventions are to be done and how to manage the situation, which “crowns” a year with dramatic implications.

The pools of the outdoor pools would not seem involved and the season should start from next week.

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