Covid-19 effect, here is the perfect make-up with the mask



Light products for the face and focus on the eyes. And the lipstick? If you really don’t want to give up, choose a long-lasting mat. Better a lip balm

by Monica Melotti

Coronavirus, to each his own mask

Light products for the face and focus on the eyes. And the lipstick? If you really don’t want to give up, choose a long-lasting mat. Better a lip balm

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In this period of Covid-19 the make-up also changes, if before we made up all the face with abundance, now the makeup focuses mainly on the eyes, since the mask covers the mouth. With the help of Valter Gazzano, national make-up artist for Yves Saint Laurent, we see the various steps for a perfect mask-proof makeup.

The base
“The first precaution is to use light products that do not stain the mask – explains Gazzano -. Those who love foundation can continue to use it, as long as it is long-lasting, no transfer, able to withstand several hours, or can opt for a water-based formula, with a very natural effect. It is essential to fix the base with a light veil of transparent powder ». To try: Touche Éclat All-In-One Glow Foundation YSL, the creamy formula turns into water and ensures a very natural coverage and Unique Foundation Essence Universal Of Youth Spf 15 by Collistar, with a light texture and modular coverage, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Covid-19 effect, eye focus and little lipstick: here is the make-up with the mask

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Focus on the eyes
It is the most visible part, the one that stands out immediately, for this the eye make-up must be well studied. «Let’s start with the eyebrows, which frame the face, to define them more it is recommended to use a pencil or a cream delineator to be applied with a brush – continues the make-up artist -. To enhance the eyes, the winning choice is always the eyeliner, I personally prefer the black one, which can be applied on a base of light eyeshadow or you can stretch it by drawing a tip at the end of the eye. Another valid alternative is the kajal, it can also be applied inside the eye to give greater depth to the gaze, or on the lower ciliary rim, blending it to give amplitude. As eye shadows I recommend choosing a light and dark nuance, my favorites are golden beige and brown, which are good for all, but you can also risk a rust color, to be faded upwards, for a more incisive touch . Finally, a lot of mascara, better the long-lasting one, to be applied well to the roots and then with light zigzag movements along the lashes.

Do not forget the long-lasting concealer, especially for those suffering from dark circles and bags ». Faithful to the mission of enhancing the eyebrows are the Benefit products, including Goof Proof Brow Pencil & Precisely My Brow Pencil that have an impeccable seal for 12 hours and are waterproof. For extra long eyelashes, Ysl Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils the Curler Sparkling Top Coat, to liven up the eyes the Sequin Crush YSL eyeshadows with metallic notes enriched with sparkling mother of pearl.

Earth & Blush
«The earth is a valid foundation option, the important thing is to first apply a base cream and a fluid primer, to complete it add a brush of tanning earth and the face becomes radiant in a moment. Those who love blush can apply it but lightly because the elastic bands could leave unsightly marks. A tip is to put it higher than the cheeks, on the sides of the face, a trend intercepted on the catwalks. To make it adhere better, you can tap the area, using your fingertips, with a lipstick and then apply over the blusher.

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