Covid-19, doctor heals and discovers a record level of antibodies in the blood


The National Health Service of the UK has identified a potential plasma super-donor for coronavirus patients among its employees. In fact, in the blood of Alessandro Giardini, 46, a cardiologist in a pediatric hospital in London, the highest level of antibodies ever found was detected.
The cardiologist which is considered a potential super plasma donor for patients with the disease, has been affected by COVID-19 and was hospitalized in intensive care with assisted ventilation for seven days.

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The doctor himself described al The Telegraph that time spent in hospital was “a very difficult experience”, since he didn’t know if he would see his wife and two children again. However, after recovering, he said he was happy to be able to “give something back” to others by donating his plasma.

An analysis on beyond 400 patients recovered hrevealed that Giardini has the highest level of antibody revealed, equal to 40 above the average of the patients considered.

Professor David Roberts, representative of the UK health donation program, explained who the people are more seriously ill produce more antibodies. In addition, experience shows that men and older people tend to be more affected by coronavirus, increasing the chances that they can help others through plasma transfusions. Last updated: 14:10 © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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