Covid-19, Bassetti: “The virus is weaker, the catastrophists deny the facts”


“I am infectious disease, I treat the sick, the epidemiologists count the cases they elaborate statistics. We should listen to i virologists, the real ones. And their president, Arnaldo Caruso, stated verbatim that he had found a virus less aggressive. We only need the last step, namely that this observation is published in an accredited scientific journal ». Thoughts and words of Matteo Bassetti, President of the Italian Society of anti-infective therapy.

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Bassetti: virus better. Bassetti’s new coronavirus has gotten better and “that’s a fact. If we are still here to argue it is because the opinions are wasted “and there is no lack of catastrophists. Matteo Bassetti, spoke in an interview with the Qn, inviting to consider the reality»: «Here in Genoa, San Martino hospital, no one has been hospitalized in intensive care for Covid-19 for a month. We see people aged 80, 90 who survive with the virus. Identical cases 2 months ago died within 4 or 5 days “.

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For Bassetti «Professor Caruso closed the circle announcing to have found, in Brescia, a weakened virus. We await confirmation, but he said sensible things ». In the meantime, “I also got tired of playing the opposite side.” The director of San Martino’s infectious diseases rattles off other “facts”. “The epidemic today is drastically different from that seen in April – he notes – We have 500 patients in intensive care, we had more than 4 thousand”. Today, “Covid hospitals are emptying, except for the infectious disease wards that maintain their function. We have the facilities ready for any eventuality, but at the moment they are unused beds. Today all those places are simply no longer filled, so much so that it is difficult to experiment with the protocols of new therapies, because we no longer see new patients to study. Professor Remuzzi of the Mario Negri Institute says so, Professor Zangrillo of San Raffaele says it, as well as Professor Galli of the Sacco hospital in Milan ».

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