Covid-19 and catering, in Castiglione there are those who challenge the period of crisis by opening a new business: “We can’t be afraid”


Among those who try to start in the best way and those who renounce to raise the shutters because still ‘not ready’ to deal with the numerous rules imposed on activities due to the Coronavirus, there are those who focus on the future by challenging the period of crisis. It is the case of Guido Mattei, 61 years old, who on 2 June will open a new business in the center of Castiglione dei Pepoli. Mattei, together with his wife Lucia Antonelli, has always managed La Taverna del Cacciatore in the small town of the Apennines, and long ago he decided to start a new hosteria. The program was scheduled to open last month, but everything was blocked by the Covid-19 health emergency: a situation that did not dampen his enthusiasm, so much so that the plan for the new business was not canceled, on the contrary .. .

Mattei, despite the period of great difficulty for catering, did you decide to open a hosteria anyway?

“Yes. I am positive, I want to think that we will soon return to normal. It is necessary to think about the future and we cannot be afraid. It is certainly a courageous choice, but it is necessary to continue to look ahead”

Are you not afraid that the current economic situation may influence the start of a new business?

“I cannot afford fears and fears, even if it is useless to deny that the real unknown factor will be the reaction of the customers. It will be necessary to understand how many people will want to go out, if the new limitations imposed for security can create problems, and if people can afford to go out for lunch or dinner. The people we have at Taverna del Cacciatore are in layoffs, and still haven’t received a lira, and like them many people who work in other sectors. There are many things to consider, but I can’t be negative in this particular historical moment. We try, we’ll see how it will go. But I think a lot of psychological terrorism is taking place, often out of place and with many contradictions. Just think that on June 3rd they want to open the borders … ”

Will you open by giving up? For example, by cutting the staff initially expected?

“No, absolutely not. We will open the hosteria on June 2 with all the staff we had budgeted for. We believe that the first signs of recovery and trust must start with us, providing maximum service. We will do everything possible to make this new project come true as I designed and dreamed it. We could have opened even earlier, but since La Taverna del Cacciatore was opened on June 2, 1969 by my father, and given the period, it was a sort of superstitious choice. which I am very fond of, and I hope will bring good luck also to this new activity “.

And the Taverna del Cacciatore? It has been opened?

“No, but let’s try to open on Friday 22 May. We are fixing the last things. At the Taverna we are fortunate to have large spaces and we will not put seperators because we are able to enforce the distance of one meter expected. A new corner has also been created extra green outside. The maximum capacity is 90 people inside the hall, and now it will be for about fifty customers but everyone’s safety is essential ”

Do you already have any reservations for the Taverna?

“Yes, two tables for Saturday, and for us it is already an excellent sign because we have not yet warned all the historic customers that we are ready to leave.”

Guido Mattei and his wife Lucia Antonelli

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