Covid-19, an algorithm to find out who is most at risk –


How to recognize people at greatest risk of developing severe forms of Covid-19? How to identify, among the patients who show the first symptoms, those who will have the worst prognosis?

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our hospitals and is now helping doctors called on to deal with the coronavirus epidemic, isolating people who, if infected, need timely treatment, even in the absence of serious symptoms.

The AI-SCoRE project (acronym of Artificial intelligence – Sars Covid risk evaluation), an autonomous learning platform capable of calculating for each individual – based on a series of clinical indicators and born from the collaboration between Irccs Ospedale San Raffaele, Microsoft and Nvidia diagnostic – the probability of developing the most severe forms of Covid-19, thus allowing targeted and timely health interventions and reducing the impact on the health system.

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