Court of Auditors: doctors on the run, in 8 years 9,000 emigrants abroad – Economy


A real “escape” from Italy for lack of places and low wages. It is that of the Italian doctors, looking for luck abroad. According to what was reported by the Court of Auditors in the latest Report on the coordination of public finance, based on OECD data over the past 8 years, over 9,000 doctors trained in Italy have gone to work abroad. The United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and France are the markets that more than the others have represented a solution “to legitimate employment needs and adequate remuneration when not met by the national private sector”.

A condition which, underline the accounting magistrates, “while arguing in favor of the quality of the national training system, risks making the measures taken to increase specializations ineffective, if not accompanied by an incentive system that allows to effectively combat the distortions highlighted “.

The concentration of care in large hospitals that has occurred in recent years and the consequent impoverishment of the assistance system in the area, which has become less and less effective, has left the Italian population “without adequate protection” in the face of the Covid emergency. This is what the Court of Auditors still writes in an in-depth analysis on health contained in the latest Report on the coordination of public finance.


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