COURIER – Callejon-Napoli, ending without regrets: (almost) everything changed …


Today’s edition of the Corriere dello Sport projects on the future of the former Real Madrid striker Jos Maria Callejon.

José Maria Callejon has not yet renewed its contract with the Naples. The exterior of the blue club has been in Campania for many years. Second The morning could renew again with De Laurentiis’ company. The Corriere dello Sport instead he thinks diametrically opposite. Here is what we read in the Roman newspaper about the former Real Madrid attack outside: “It will end without regrets, certainly with that sense of disorientation that is felt when a story sets”.

“Fatally – still reports today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport – the magic has run out and now that the sound of the siren approaches, we will move on to the greetings. The contract expires on June 30, (almost) everything has changed, except for the epilogue of this merger: Napoli and Callejon will cling to each other until the last second of this season, which is about to start again and therefore will continue until the end of the adventure in the Champions League“.

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