Count to Parliament: “The worst is behind thanks to citizens. Calculated new infection risk, we could not stop waiting for the vaccine. On loans in 24 hours banks must and can do more”


If the worst is behind us, we owe it to the citizens that have changed their lifestyles “. The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who arrived in front of Parliament a few days after further openings decided on May 18, began by recalling the “responsibility” of Italians in dealing with the coronavirus emergency. The premier, speaking for his information before the House and the Senate, after defending again the need for lockdown the past few months, illustrated the strategy ahead of the phase 2 that will not be based solely on the self-discipline of Italians. “The risk of new infections is calculated“, He said,” but we couldn’t stop waiting for the vaccine. ” The problem, which he lingered at length in his speech, is the “Gravity and depth” of the crisis economic crisis facing Italy. Just the word “crisis“Is among those he has pronounced several times: a crisis that must become” an opportunity “, but that is putting Italy to the test. Faced with an unprecedented situation, Conte recalled the tools put in place by the government to support the various sections of the population. And, in this sense, he went so far as to ask for “greater collaboration” from the banks that “they must and can do more“. And especially on loans to be delivered in 24 hours“. A passage much contested by the oppositions that complained about the slowness of the procedures for obtaining funds.

The debate in the House and the Lega-M5s clash – But the real protests broke out at the beginning of the debate in the Chamber, immediately after the intervention of the M5s MP Riccardo Ricciardi. The grill decided to attack directly “Lombard health”, in contrast to what the executive has done: “Those who attack the government,” he said, “propose Lombardy as a model”. “Buffoon”, “shame”, shouted the Northern League as he spoke. And the 5-star MP insisted: “You, Mr. Prime Minister, had to do as the Lombard councilor Gallera, who appeared punctually at the press conference, and announced a hospital for which they spent 21 million for 25 patients”. At that point, some members of the Carroccio got up trying to get closer to Ricciardi, others slammed their fists on the benches until they broke one of the microphones on the seats of the MPs. President Roberto Fico he was forced to stop work for a few minutes. Shortly afterwards, according to the Corriere della Sera, the Northern League met in the Transatlantic Giancarlo Giorgetti and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza: “You ask for collaboration and then come here to make fun of the dead? It ends badly, “the former Carroccio undersecretary would have said. Words to which the minister replied: “You’re right, what should I say”. At the resumption of the Chamber, the FDI leader also spoke Giorgia Meloni insinuating that there was, behind Ricciardi’s intervention, a strategy shared with the premier. Conte, questioned on the sidelines, rejected the accusation: “Each Member of Parliament expresses his or her views. It never happened that I was given an intervention, but to say that I shared or instigated, is something that speaks for itself “.

The measures taken and the self-discipline of citizens – The premier began by talking about what has been implemented in recent months, but also what the country has yet to face. “We are aware that what we have before us is an even more difficult challenge, certainly no less insidious, than what we faced at the beginning of the emergency. ” Conte acknowledged the commitment of the Italians: “They fully understood the risk represented by this insidious and unknown virus and they shared the great collective effort made to contain and mitigate it. The measures – except for limited exceptions promptly sanctioned – were everywhere respected with discipline and awareness “. So much so that, recognized the premier, “if today we can see that the worst is behind us, and of course I say it with all due caution, we owe it to our citizens, to the sacrifices they have made in these weeks, during which they have been asked to profoundly change their lifestyle. Maybe not everyone would have made such painful decisions then. ” While, now, exactly three months after the first case registered at the Codogno hospital, “we can say that we made the right choice”.

Phase 2 and the return to normal – In light of the national contagion framework, however, Conte reiterated the need that prompted the government to widen the openings starting from May 18. “I think possible today, indeed a duty, even in the presence of an epidemiological framework not completely resolved, to make a courageous choice directed towards a quick return to normal. We are in a position to go through phase 2 with confidence and responsibility. We all know the virus better now, we know how to protect ourselves, what are the rules of social distancing and hygiene, the useful, sometimes necessary function of personal protective equipment “. A responsibility which, specified Conte, also envisages avoiding parties and nightlife: “I appeal to everyone, especially to young people whose enthusiasm for the regained freedom of movement is fully understandable. At this stage, more than ever, compliance with the safety distances and, where necessary, the use of masks remains essential, even when we are outdoors. This is not yet the time for parties, nightlife and gatherings. Be careful because exposing yourself to contagion means exposing loved ones to contagion too. ”

From serological tests to the Immuni app – Phase 2, however, guaranteed Conte, will not be entrusted only to self-regulation. “We prepared an accurate national monitoring plan “. And, this plan “will allow to intervene, if necessary, with restrictive measures in the event that, in specific places, new outbreaks should occur”. The risk, he assured, was taken into consideration: “We are aware that the start of the new phase could favor, in some areas, the increase in the contagion curve, a risk that however we calculated and that we will keep under observation. We have to accept this risk, we can’t stop waiting for a vaccine. Otherwise we will never be in a position to start again and we will find ourselves with a productive fabric, an irreparably compromised social fabric “. But, he said, not only economic reasons have pushed to review restrictions: “We cannot afford to extend the effectiveness of the restrictive measures indefinitely. ” And, the persistence of measures of such severe limiting measures beyond the time necessary to reverse the curve of contagion would therefore be unreasonable and absolutely incompatible with the principles of our Constitution “. Then he illustrated the Prime Ministerial Decree of 17 May, defined after “a close and constant dialogue with the Regions and other local authorities”. Alongside the reopening, he added, “in recent weeks we have defined an articulated system of controls and interventions for epidemiological trends, entrusted to the now recurring formula of ‘testing, tracing and treating'”.

On the test front “we are strengthening the controls through molecular tests, those serological, also useful in order to map the spread of contagion within the country. In Italy, so far, 3,171,719 swabs, which place our country in first place for the number of tampons per inhabitant (I also say to lovers of statistics that it is 5,134 per 100,000 inhabitants) “. But at this stage, it is necessary to increase the “molecular tests” and for this reason a request for an offer has been launched for “kits and reagents to allow the administration of additional 5 million tests. 59 national and international companies have submitted offers for 95 types of products, which will be verified very quickly “. From Monday 25 May, they will also “leave free serological tests on a sample of 150,000 citizens, for exclusive scientific research purposes “. For which 550 volunteers and operators were mobilized on a regional basis, with the preparation of a national coordination structure “.

Contact tracing is the second pillar of phase 2. “Public companies wholly owned by the State, PagoPA, were involved in the necessary verification and further development of the source code and of those aimed at the distribution, installation and management of the app. and Sogei, with which agreements have been made free of charge. Experimentation will start in the next few days about this new application. I remember that the open source code will be known to anyone in the next few days and the data will be used only to trace the spread of the virus and deleted as soon as the emergency ends. ”

Finally, “the third pillar” is that of patient treatment and “is based on a constant increase in the accommodation capacity of our health system”: “Intensive care beds are 7,864, with a 52% increase compared to the beginning of the emergency. At the same time, the beds in the departments of infectious disease and pulmonology are equal to 28,299, with an even more significant increase of 334% “. The relaunch decree provided for “an allocation of € 3.2 billion for healthcare”, thanks to which, he specified, “we will be able to stabilize the increase in 3,500 beds in intensive care arranged to cope with the emergency, and redevelop 4,225 semi-intensive beds, which will be usable both in the ordinary regime and in the treatment-intensive infectious disease treatment and 50 percent of which must be immediately convertible into intensive care beds “.

Economic measures – Conte assured that he was aware that “the reopening of activities it is not enough to reactivate the engine of our economy, proven by two months of restrictions and also, let us never forget, by the generalized collapse of global demand “. Then he briefly illustrated the Relaunch decree, recently issued by the President of the Republic. The provision provides for an allocation of 55 billion euros: “We offer it to Parliament’s evaluation and to the improvement contribution that will derive from it”. “It is a very complex text, which required a long process of elaboration, and which even exceeds the size of a traditional economic maneuver”. Among the beneficiaries of the aids he mentioned, in addition to the health sector, families, schools and the disabled. And of course businesses and workers.

Fundamental point is the “drastic simplification of the delivery procedures for these instruments“. Both on the layoffs front, for which “in recent weeks the complex bureaucratic mechanisms linked to the layoffs in derogation have slowed down the supply of resources”. He recalled the commitment of Minister Catalfo in this regard. Then he spoke of the regulation introduced on the impetus of Minister Bellanova for the regularization of foreign workers.

Finally he spoke of aid to businesses: “Protecting our production structure in this difficult recession requires further effort, which serves to strengthen the capitalization of our companies to defend their competitiveness and resilience. And you will find in the decree of significant tax breaks for encourage recapitalization, especially of SMEs “.

Not least, Conte cited tourism “A sector that mobilizes over 13% of our GDP, and which will be severely tested by the global impact of Covid-19”. And he closed by making an appeal: “We are aware that tourism requires further action, which we reserve the right to activate as soon as the financing plan for recovery in Europe is defined”. And, “I take this opportunity to invite all citizens to take holidays in Italy: we discover the beauties that we do not yet know or we return to enjoy and visit those we already know, and in this the best way to contribute to the revitalization of our economy in this emergency phase “.

“I feel the suffering that grows and spreads across the country,” said Conte. “I feel the fears, anxieties and concerns of all our fellow citizens: those who, after having invested years and energy in their business activities, are afraid to see all their sacrifices frustrated “. A “gravity and depth of the crisis” which “does not escape me”. And he said, “it is a very tough test from which we will get up quickly if everyone does their part and if we manage to coordinate efforts and create the necessary synergy of the entire” country system “”. Last but not least, he asked for greater collaboration from the banks: “The banking system, which is also offering its collaboration, it can and must do even more and, in particular, it must speed up the procedures necessary to disburse the loans covered by the public guarantee “. Because, “the rules contained in the Liquidity decree law allow, especially in the case of requests of less than € 25,000, to provide guaranteed loans within 24 hours. In some cases these deadlines have been respected “. A passage much contested by the opposition, so much so that Conte corrected himself: “But I also receive numerous reports that in many cases, and they also reach you, that this is not happening. It is essential that banks manage to align themselves with the most efficient practices, ensuring guaranteed liquidity in the shortest possible time “. Why “we cannot tolerate that companies can feel deprived of the necessary money to ensure the economic continuity of its activities. It is a concern that I have personally shared with the presidents of Confcommercio and Confesercenti, who have represented to me the difficulties of the categories they represent in obtaining these resources “.

The reform for simplifications – Conte then re-launched one of the reforms on which he had made several announcements in the past: “The task of all politics, then, is to work to develop a broad program of economic and social rebirth, together with the best energies in the country. The first step of this reform project can only be a drastic simplification of the bureaucratic machine, an architecture which, due to its excessive complexity, has slowed down the arrival of allocated public resources to destination, and has therefore prevented the strengthening of the infrastructural capital of our country “. And, in this regard, “the next decree-law dedicated precisely to administrative and bureaucratic simplification and will introduce many new elements, to provide Italy with an unprecedented economic” shock “, particularly in the infrastructure sector. I consider this reform the “mother” of all reforms, the only one capable of effectively relaunching the competitiveness of our country. Italy can no longer wait. This is the turning point. If we do not succeed in the simplification work even in this condition of absolute emergency, I say this very frankly, I doubt that it will be possible to do it in the future “. Inside, “a specific section will be dedicated to strengthening of spending power and the acceleration of construction sites. In this regard, we plan to define a priority list of “strategic works”, large and medium-sized, which can be carried out with a simplified procedure compared to the current regulatory framework, evaluating – where appropriate – the granting of derogatory powers, without this weakening the more rigorous controls, which ensure full transparency and keep away the appetites of criminal infiltrations “. Finally, “another challenge will be to promote a cultural revolution in the public administration, so that – albeit with a view to rigor and transparency – public officials can be encouraged as much as possible to unlock public works and contracts, avoiding that on their caused excessive legal and regulatory uncertainty “. And, “not least,” we will encourage the recapitalization of companies and we are thinking of improving governance models to make them more streamlined and efficient, without compressing the rights of minorities “. And in closing, he recalled “the reform of justice“:” These reforms must necessarily go hand in hand with the reform of the times of civil and criminal justice, and I also remember that in Parliament there is a prospect of reforming our old Civil Code that dates back to 1942 “.

The crisis as an opportunity – Conte has repeated several times that he is aware of the “gravity” of the economic crisis that the country is facing. “The Covid-19 crisis – a profound, violent, dramatic crisis – gives us back the need for a society that places health, quality of life and common goods at the center of its protection system,” he closed. “We face it a historic opportunity: we can undo the knots and remove the deposits that so far have prevented us from producing widespread well-being for the benefit of all citizens, overcoming the weaknesses that have hindered the development of our country so far, in particular since the mid-nineties. It is up to us all turn this emergency into an opportunity“.

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