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A decade ago a 43-year-old San Francisco nurse Mike Schultz posted an image on his Instagram page that included two photos: the first was taken a month before Schultz contracted the coronavirus; the second after about a month and a half of hospitalization, including four weeks spent in intubation in an intensive care unit.

Intubation is an invasive procedure that involves inserting a tube in the throat that passes through the trachea overcoming the vocal cords, so that it can convey the air into the lungs and make them expand and contract artificially thanks to a fan. For most of the time in which he is intubated, each patient is sedated and fed artificially, which causes very visible effects on the body. Schultz said that before the illness he weighed around 86 kilos, while in the early stages of recovery from the illness he had reached 63 kilos.

Interviewed by BuzzFeed NewsSchultz said that during intubation he had completely lost track of time, and that even in the following weeks the procedure and the disease had left heavy consequences, including general weakness and pain throughout the body. Schultz had no previous illness and appears to have contracted the disease during a party in Miami in early March. In the following weeks 38 participants tested coronavirus positive, and three died.

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