Costanzo Federici, a symbol of Ronciglione, has died


The Midnight Newspaper – Chronicle – Actor, municipal employee, keeper of the house of Mariangela Virgili – A person from the city goes away

Costanzo Federici

Costanzo Federici

Ronciglione – A piece of Ronciglione history is gone.

Costanzo Federici, 67, died on Friday morning, taken away by a sudden illness. Everyone knew him in the city. This is perhaps why Ronciglione still struggles to believe it two days later.

He was a worker, municipal employee. A point of reference for everyone: you had to ask him when looking for something. Surely Costanzo would have found it or would have known how to solve it.

It was an inexhaustible source of anecdotes and curiosities about the history of the place where he was born and lived. He knew all about the medieval villages, where he lived (someone called him “the mayor of the villages” for this).

He was the custodian of the house of Mariangela Virgili and one of the founding members of the association named after the Carmelite tertiary which, like him, lived in the villages of Ronciglionesi. So in love with his city and so present in every occasion and public ceremony to become a symbol: even his face spoke of Ronciglione.

Outside the proloco, along the course leading to the main square, a billboard appeared with his photo dressed as a red nose, the typical Ronciglionese mask, and the writing: “Ciao Costanzo”.

Many, in these hours, the messages that are filling the social networks with a sincere displeasure and a deep affection. They greet him as “everyone’s friend”. There are those who remember its “vocation”. Who humility. Who loves love for the theater: he had starred in numerous comedies – the latest “The invited” – by Professor Luciano Mariti, from Ronciglionese and professor at the La Sapienza University in Rome.

On the Facebook page of the Research Center of Ronciglione they remember him thus, with a message read yesterday also in church, at the funeral, at the cathedral: “He recited with extreme dedication and attention, with absolute professional seriousness. Every time really worried but always reckless and finally happy. Costanzo, free from any fatal presence and any empty intellectualism, brought us an inexhaustible joy as a gift. We like to remember him with a smile and with a smile he will be welcomed by his inseparable Sister Mariangela. Hi Costanzo and thank you from all of us “.

May 31, 2020

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