Costa Rica legalizes gay marriage, two women the first to marry


Costa Rica, conservative and deeply religious, to the point of including Catholicism in the Constitution, has become the first country in Central America to legalize gay marriage, a civil law that it has been pursuing for 15 years. The first to pronounce the fateful yes were Alexandra, 29, and Aritza, 24.

It is the result of a ruling by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice that at the end of 2018 had declared a provision of the family code that prohibited homosexual marriages unconstitutional. The Court had granted the Legislative Assembly (Parliament) an 18-month period to legislate to do so and, otherwise, the provision would have been canceled on May 26, 2020, as happened.The court had considered the marriage of two women, Laura Florez-Estrada is Jazmín Elizondo, which the law had to regularize. The victory of a breath in the presidential 2018 of the progressive Carlos Alvarado sull’evangelico Fabricio Alvaradohad pushed them to stay in the country they wanted to abandon instead.

Just a minute after midnight on Monday Dunia Araya, 24, and Alexandra Quiros, 29, said “yes” in a small town 14 kilometers north of the capital San Jose, making it the first married gay couple in Costa Rican history

But the battle was difficult. The obstinacy of the LGBT collectives with steps forward and sudden backward steps, pursued by the conservative sectors and close to the Church dominant in the Congress, managed to get the better of it. The extreme attempt to postpone the decision of the Tribunal by a neo-Pentacostal group and associate it with the next elections has failed.But until the end there was fear in a postponement that would again ignite the divisive climate in Costa Rica on issues ranging from abortion to female vow and precisely to same-sex marriage.

Gay organizations sing victory. They were planning a series of events (arovane, concerts, a big celebratory party) that Covid 19 and the lockdown forced to postpone. No bars, no restaurants, gatherings prohibited. There will be time to celebrate.

Chavela Vargas, eclectic and famous Costa Rican singer, today she would feel satisfied. He fought his whole life to claim his hostile homosexuality to the end. Forced to leave her country, to take nationality in Mexico where she had taken refuge, to wander halfway around the world, to make friends with Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera, to attend José Alfredo Jiménez, to attend the birthdays of Gabriel Gárcia Márquez, to inspire Joaquín Sabina. But always in silence, without declaring yourself. Chavela was a muse who conquered the world. Her uneasiness pushed her to suffocate, with tequila, together with the impossible character, a sexual identity that only at 80 years old was finally able to show. From exiled. He will die on August 8, 2012 without being able to return home.

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