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Nicola Zingaretti, called to answer what has been done by the government so far, defends the executive with a sword: “The government has faced the response to the fear of the coronavirus with clear and courageous choices – he explains in a long interview with Republic – that other democracies have done only partially or late, paying immense costs. It was not taken for granted to do it. “And to those who remind him that all this unity cannot be seen, the secretary of the angry Pd reiterates: “It seems to me an ungenerous judgment. In case it is the right that offers patches. The world champions of neo-liberalism and populism have combined disasters. “On the other hand, many are wondering if such a weak government can face future challenges that already appear, close to the coronavirus emergency, more than demanding.” he put himself at the service of the country in one of the most difficult moments in republican history – he says from his -. He has chosen the path of responsibility, not of subordination “.

But the coronavirus is not the only impasse that the majority is facing: in these days the Palamara case has broken out and it has been understood that justice is not so clear: “I hope that in these hours address the urgent need for a reform of the selection mechanisms of the members of the CSM, which however cannot lead to the draw. It would be wrong. We need new rules that guarantee intellectual pluralism but also meritocratic criteria. “But his name also appears from the chats of the former president of the ANM.

It is not in fact a novelty that the governor of Lazio has had several talks with Luca Palamara in person: “I have known Palamara since he was president of the ANM – specifies the person directly concerned – and I can say with absolute serenity that I have always had relationships based on theabsolute correctness and respect for roles, as is clear from all the cards “. As if it were normal, however, to have a similar practice with a magistrate. Then the interview goes on Giuseppe Conte. Here too Zingaretti cannot help but praise the premier who is “leading the alliance of the Democrats”. He sends a clear message to him: “This is the only possible alliance in this legislature and the only adequate one to face the emergency. At this stage we are able to give social and economic responses or in the country loneliness and chaos will prevail “.

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