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The investigation concerns allegations of exploitation of Uber Eats’ food deliveries

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The investigation concerns allegations of exploitation of Uber Eats’ food deliveries

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The accusations are heavy: for the judges, Uber, through labor brokerage companies, would have exploited migrants “coming” from war contexts, “asylum seekers” and people who lived in “temporary reception centers” and in “a state of need “.

“My pay was always 3 euros per delivery regardless of the day and time.” The declaration of a rider who worked for the Uber Eats service emerges from the decree with which the Italian branch of the American group was commissioned by corporal.

The Prevention Measures Section of the Court of Milan has in fact ordered the judicial administration, i.e. the commissioner, of Uber Italy srl, the Italian branch of the American group, by corporal, in particular for the exploitation of the riders assigned to deliver food for the Uber Eats service. The ANSA agency reports.

The “wage overrun regime” against the riders of the Uber Eats service, “recruited in a situation of social exclusion”, the judges add in the commissioner’s decree, was aggravated with “the health emergency following which the use »Of the bellboys« has progressively increased due to the request caused by the restrictions on the freedom of movement », so much so that« it could have caused avalanche and uncontrolled recruitments ».

But also explicit threats. «I have only threatened to come and break your head and I repeat it (…) I am going to pick you up, I will break your …». These are the threats addressed by one of the suspects, who worked for a labor brokerage company, to a rider who had defined him as “slaver”: “You will not work with us, because I have blocked your account,” said the man. The judges also speak of “legalized” subtraction of tips “and economic” punishments “for riders.

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