Coronaviruses in Lombardy: infections drop, but 26,671 are “currently positive”


Milan, 21 May 2020 – Lombardy registers a new drop in infections, yesterday they have been 294 the new cases of Covid, for a total of 85,775 positives since the start of the pandemic. From yesterday also one of the data of the Region arrives new: currently positive ones. According to the latest updatesyou are 26,671 down 620 cases considering the healed. In the last 24 hours 11,508 swabs were performed. The decline of inpatients continues Intensive care: yesterday the balance was negative by 13 units, a figure that brings the total number of patients currently hospitalized to a total number of 231. I new healed or discharged according to data released yesterday by the Region, a total of 849 patients. Instead, according to the data provided by the National Civil Protection, those recovered in Lombardy with at least one passage to a hospital rose to 43,442 units since the beginning of the emergency, over 50% of the patients diagnosed with the virus. The deaths in the last 24 hours there have been 65 for a total total since the beginning of the emergency of 15,662 Lombard victims.

Shock study: one Milanese out of 20 before patient 1 was positive

They have passed three months from February 20, when the intuition of an anesthesiologist from the Codogno hospital led to the discovery of “Patient 1”, noel sense of first “autochthonous” infection by the coronavirus in Lombardy (and also in Italy and Europe, where the “rear-end” criteria indicated at the time by the WHO had allowed to discover only a few outbreaks attributable to China). But in those days one in 20 Milanese had already developed antibodies to Sars 2. SheRetrospective studies of the regional task force have placed the onset of the symptoms of over 500 Lombards and 46 Milanese then positive results at the end of January, but the first real scientific confirmation of the submerged contagion that preceded the outbreak of the epidemic comes from one study on antibodies of blood donors of the Polyclinic of Milan.

Rebus beaches in Lombardy: rules and prohibitions

Beaches free of Lake Iseo and more generally of Lombardy from this weekend they will become usable again, as foreseen by the Government and the Region in their latest acts. Entering the water will be a free decision, to be taken with the utmost attention also with reference to the safety regulations of the Region and Government. If present, the umbrellas must have a free area around 10 square meters. Not only. Towels and beds must be 1.5 meters away. Any equipment will be sanitized by the manager. On the beaches both law enforcement and any assistants of the beach managers will be able to carry out checks. Yes to rackets and swims with respect for social distance, no to team sports, which cannot be practiced to avoid gatherings. At the moment the rental of boats is still prohibited.

Hospital at the fair, donors ask for transparency on the accounts

After the controversy regarding the costs, the use and the hypothesis of closing the Covid hospital built in record time at the Fair, they are now donors to ask for transparency on the accounts. “We are ready to go to a civil judge if we are not told how our money donated to the hospital was used.” Milanese lawyer Giuseppe La Scala he leads a firm with 200 lawyers and 150 employees who paid 10 thousand euros out of the 21 million raised to set up the facility with Intensive Care in the worst days of the pandemic. Upon hearing that the hospital could close in two weeks, he described himself as a “pirla” in a tweet and decided to report “the absolute lack of transparency” of the operation at the accounting level. Since there has not been, he argues, “we will ask the entities involved to have access to the documents from an administrative point of view based on the rules on transparency because, even if the foundation is a subject under private law, in these cases that of the Fair has a public origin and the Community Foundation is an emanation of a bank and therefore has a public surveillance system behind it. Then there should also be a prefecture control over private foundations, which I wonder if it was exercised “

From Monday free to the 94 markets discovered

Uncovered markets, via the expansion of the gradual reopening plan prepared by the Municipality and trade associations. Two days after the protest of the street vendors in front of Palazzo Marino (yesterday afternoon the reply to Pirellone), the mayor Giuseppe Sala signed the measure that today it will also give the go-ahead to non-food operators. Saturday will be 9 markets available: in viale Papiniano, via Benedetto Marcello, via Fauché, via Tabacchi, via Falck and via Ciccotti will be added via Osoppo, via Gariglianopiazzale Lagosta and via Aristotelepiazzale Martesana. Activities will resume on Monday in all 94 weekly markets according to the composition and the ordinary calendar.

Provincial data

Abrupt braking of covid-19 infections recorded in Milan and in the Metropolitan city. In the capital yesterday they were registered 8 cases (total at 9,425), while in M.Ilanese had 48 new positives (22,372). On Tuesday in the Metropolitan City there were 102 new positives, while in Milan 49. In addition to that of Milan, the provinces with most cases are Bergamo (12,633 cases, +26, against +144 on the previous day), Brescia (14,249 cases, +50) and Cremona (6,350 cases, +15). Then, Como 3,660 (+14); Lecco 2,691 (+4); Lodi 3,380 (+11); Mantova: 3,300 (+6); Monza and Brianza 5,388 (+50); Pavia 5,082 (+35); Sondrio 1,383 (+5) e Varese 3,413 (+12)

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