Coronavirus, Zangrillo: “Covid no longer exists clinically, someone terrifies the country”


MILAN – Covid-19 “from the clinical point of view no longer exists”. The San Raffaele head of Milan Alberto Zangrillo, director of intensive care, is convinced of this. During transmission Half an hour more on Raitre, speaking of the observations on the situation in the Lombardy region, he said: “I really laugh. Today is May 31st and about a month ago we heard epidemiologists say they feared a new wave for the end of the month / early June and who knows how many intensive care places to occupy. In reality, the virus practically no longer exists from a clinical point of view “.


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“This – he added – says the San Raffaele Life-Health University, says a study done by the virologist / director of the Institute of Virology Professor Clementi, says it together with Emory University of Atlanta, Professor Silvestri. Tampons performed in in the last 10 days they have a viral load from an absolutely infinitesimal quantitative point of view compared to those performed on patients a month / two months ago. I say that I am aware of the drama that the patients who did not make it through cannot be continued. bring attention, even in a ridiculous way, giving the floor not to the clinicians, not to the real virologists, that is to say professors who profess themselves: the virus from the clinical point of view no longer exists “. Lucia Annunziata, the host of the transmission, replied: “It is a very strong phrase what you say professor”. And the clinician in return: “I sign it”.



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The head of San Raffaele continued: “For three months everyone has been showing us a series of numbers that have zero evidence, which have zero value: we went from Borrelli, from Brusaferro to the president of the Superior Health Council. All this has led to block Italy while we worked and now we, who have seen the drama, ask to be able to leave quickly because we want to cure the people that otherwise we are unable to cure, we don’t give a damn about the league or where they go on vacation but we have to go back to a normal country because there is all the evidence that this country can go back to having a normal life from today “.According to the professor, “there is only one number that is worth” and “is the evidence: we in this country heard a professor from Boston a month ago, who is an epidemiologist-statistician named Vespignani, to influence the choices of the government saying 151 thousand intensive care places had to be built. Tomorrow an editorial signed by me and Professor Gattinoni will be released, in which we say officially why this is not good, because it is a frenzy, because terrorizing the country is something that someone owes take responsibility because our emergency rooms and our intensive care units are empty and because Mers and Sars, the two previous epidemics, have disappeared forever and therefore it is desirable that this also happens for the third coronavirus epidemic. , prepare us but do not kill us alone “.

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