Coronavirus, Zangrillo: “Clinically it no longer exists”. Ministry and CTS take distance. Locatelli: “Bewilderment, virus is still circulating”


It is controversy after the words of the director of intensive care at San Raffaele in Milan, Alberto Zangrillo. The doctor, who intervened in 1/2 hour more said that “clinically the new coronavirus no longer exists“. Words from which is the Ministry of Health, with the intervention of the Undersecretary Sandra Zampa, which the Technical Scientific Committee, with Luca Richeldi is Franco Locatelli, they quickly distanced themselves, saying that “the virus still circulates”. Even the deputy minister Pierpaolo Sileri, to It is not the Arena commented the intervention, albeit in a much more cautious way: “Zangrillo said that those on the field no longer see seriously ill people in intensive care. But we must continue to use caution. ”

“About a month ago we felt epidemiologists fear one at the end of the month-beginning of June new wave and who knows how many intensive care places to fill. In reality, the virus from the clinical point of view no longer exists. This says it Vita and Salute San Raffaele Universitysays a study by the director of the Clementi Institute of Virologysays Professor Silvestri of the Emory University of Atlanta, “said the personal physician of Silvio Berlusconi to Lucia Annunziata. A thesis immediately considered “misleading“By the pulmonologist Richeldi, a member of the CTS, immediately supported by the undersecretary Paw. Both have issued a warning to Zangrillo, that of “not spreading messages” that can “confuse Italians” and that “do not invite prudence”. Hard also the President of the Superior Health Council and member of the Technical-Scientific Committee, Locatelli, who expressed “surprise and utter bewilderment at the statements made by Professor Zangrillo”, stressing that today’s numbers are due to the measures of the lockdown, an “irrefutable result that must push us to continue on the path of responsibility for individual behavior, not to be discouraged through dangerous declarations that forget the drama experienced in this country “. Also Giuseppe Ippolito, responding to Ansa, stressed that “there is no published scientific evidence or study showing that the new SarsCov2 coronavirus is changed“, Although, said the director of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Spallanzani in Rome,” in Italy we now have fewer serious cases and this shows that the containment measures adopted have paid off. ”

Zangrillo’s interview – Everything, in fact, began with Zangrillo’s interview on Rai 3, where the doctor claimed to be “aware of the drama that the patients experienced they didn’t make it“, But that” you can’t continue to bring attention as ridiculously as the Greece based on a ridiculous terrain, which is what we set at the level of national scientific committee and not only, giving the floor not to clinicians and not to real virologists. The virus from the clinical point of view no longer exists. I put my signature on it. ”

Then, according to Zangrillo, “everyone has been showing us one for three months series of numbers that have zero evidence. We passed by Borrelli to Brusaferro and what are all these that they brought? TO block Italywhile we worked. Now we who have seen the drama ask to be able to start quickly, because we want to treat people that otherwise we can’t cure. We don’t care about the championship or holidays but we have to go back to a normal country. There is all the evidence so that, from today, this country can go back to having one normal life“.

And yet, according to the director of intensive care at San Raffaele, “there is only one number that is worth and is evidence. We, in this country, in these TVs, we heard a month ago a professor from Boston, Vespignani, condition the government’s choices saying that they had to be built 151 thousand intensive care places. An editorial signed by me and the professor will be released tomorrow Gattinoni, in which we say why this is not good and is a frenzy “. According to the doctor, therefore, “terrorizing the country is something for which someone must take responsibility. Our emergency rooms and intensive care units are empty. Mers and Sars, the two previous coronavirus-conditioned epidemics, have disappeared forever, practically. So it is desirable that it happens even now. I don’t see why, having two choices, we have to use the one that hurts us the most. ”

The response of the CTS and the Ministry – Therefore, the response of those who in recent months has defined the measures was not long in waiting, guiding Italy towards the exit from the crisis. First of all Luca Richeldi, who after the warning launched at Zangrillo, underlined how, if on the one hand “it is undoubtedly true and reassuring that the pressure on hospitals has drastically reduced in recent weeks”, on the other hand “it should not be forgotten that this is the result of the equally drastic measures of containment of circulation virus adopted in our country “. “If things get better this is thanks to the lockdown measures taken by the government – he underlined again Paw – In any case looking forward to scientific evidence in support of the thesis of the disappearance of the virus, whose reliability we would all be happy, instead I invite those who were sure not to confuse the ideas of the Italians, promoting risky behavior from the point of view of health “.

And, in the evening, the answer from Franco Locatelli, which has repeatedly called for prudence in recent months. With a tough intervention, he said he was surprised by his colleague’s phrases, such as those in which he states that “‘the virus no longer exists clinically’ and that ‘terrorizing the country is something for which someone must take responsibility'”. “Enough is enough look at the number of new SARS-CoV-2 positivity cases which are confirmed every day to demonstrate the persistent circulation in Italy of the new coronavirus “, underlined the president of the Superior Health Council and member of the Technical-Scientific Committee. Aware of the increase in intensive care places, which, he explains, “they will also serve in the future for those who need them also for clinical situations other than Covud-19″, Locatelli also stresses the importance of lockdown measures that ” they produced the desired effects by containing the epidemic spread with savings of many human lives “. And, he concludes: “This irrefutable result must push us to continue on the path of responsibility for individual behavior, not to be discouraged through dangerous declarations that forget the drama experienced in this country. It is equally clear, even to non-expert eyes, that the clinical management of patients is certainly facilitated today by the lower number of cases than those observed on peak days and by what has been learned in these months. These are the concrete facts– close – the rest of personal opinions“.

The deputy minister is cautious Sileri that on La7 he supported Zangrillo’s “experience” as a “clinician”, however inviting caution. “If I hear Bassetti and other colleagues say the same thing, then something has happened – said Sileri – We have worked in three months taking the number of deaths and the number of intensive care places as a parameter. Zangrillo said that those in the field no longer see seriously ill patients in intensive care and a commitment that is no longer so massive “. “On the other hand, we must continue to use caution, distance, wash our hands, wear a mask,” he added, stressing that we must “continue to defend ourselves and wait for the results.”

The rejoinder: “Locatelli baffled? I’m sorry but I report the facts “- Zangrillo’s rejoinder is ready: “I am very sorry that Locatelli is baffled. In medicine there are no points of view and whoever says that mine is a point of view, is wrong perspective. I bring back the reality of the facts“. As for the words of the Undersecretary for Health Zampa, Zangrillo replies: “I reassure the Undersecretary Zampa: I have not said that from tomorrow there may be gatherings. I said it would be wise to be cautious for a while. On the other hand, Deputy Minister Sileri, who speaks my own language, knows that I speak for good reason. ” Finally, the director of the San Raffaele Resuscitation always says, if the infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti, from the San Martino hospital in Genoa, “there will be a reason like me …”.

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