Coronavirus worldwide: news in real time (29 May)



During the press conference on China in the White House, American President Donald Trump announced that the United States will end its relationship with the World Health Organization.

California is worried

The Coronavirus pandemic is still marching more than a thousand victims a day in the United States, where they were registered 1,297 a total of 101573, according to the latest update from John Hopkins University. Contagions across the country have risen to 1720613. California alarms, with the highest contagion growth so far in a single day, 2,617. The previous peak had been recorded on May 5, when new cases were reported 2,603. In California alone, there have been contagions since the beginning of the pandemic 101mila, while the victims 3,973.


On the night of May 29, the first charter face of the after lockdown of the German company Lufthansa to China left. The flight, which left Frankfurt, carried 200 workers. China just this week decided to relax a limit on incoming flights set at 407 per week. But even with triple arrivals arriving in June, the number remains a fraction of the approximately 9,000 routes per week operated by the country’s airports before the pandemic.


World Health Organization (WHO) Coronavirus Special Envoy David Nabarro warned that the virus has not “disappeared”. All the more so now that several countries are preparing to ease the restrictions imposed in recent months, in an interview with BBC Today Nabarro said that “new waves that will spread very quickly” should be prepared. Despite the conclusion of the lockdown in a large part of the world, Nabarro calls on us not to stop respecting social distancing, trying to isolate those who get sick as soon as possible.


EPA / SERPIL GEDIK /Istanbul, Turkey

Total cases of Covid-19 in Turkey have risen to 162,160, with 1,141 cases of infection in the last 24 hours. There are 28 new victims, for a total of 4,489 deaths. A new weekend curfew is expected in Turkey from midnight, while Phase 3 will start on Monday with the reopening of many clubs and public spaces, including restaurants, bars, beaches, parks and kindergartens.

Latin America

The data from Brazil pushes the acceleration of the pandemic in Latin America, where the outbreaks have grown by 45 thousand cases, for a total of 878263, and the victims of 1,900in all 46639. Peru is still the second most affected country in Latin America, with significant data growth on the last day: 6 thousand additional infections, 141779 in all, e 4,099 dead in total. Chile follows with 4,700 cases on the last day, 86943 in total.


MICHAEL DANTAS / AFP | A boy from the Educandos community wears a mask during the Coronavirus pandemic in Manaus

The situation of the Coronavirus pandemic in Brazil is increasingly alarming, especially in the State of Sao Paulo, where the record of 6,382 infections in a single day, for a local total of 95865 according to data from the State Secretariat for Health.

Although the local and national Brazilian authorities highlight in the daily reports the data of the patients discharged compared to the new infections and the victims, it remains evident that in the State of Sao Paulo, the Brazilian epicenter of the pandemic, almost a quarter of the total cases of the country are concentrated , go up to 411821, with growth in the last 24 hours of 26417. The death toll is also increasingly serious, as reported by the Ministry of Health bulletin. Coronavirus deaths have risen to 26,754, with a growth of 1,156 on the last day, 268 only in the State of Sao Paulo.

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