Coronavirus, what is the “waterfall”: new discovery in serious patients


    <h2>The signs of activation of the "complement cascade" would have been observed in severe patients</h2>


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    <p>Patients with severe forms of <strong>COVID-19</strong> they have been at the center of the studies of researchers from around the world for months. Until today, the eyes of doctors were focused on the so-called <strong>"Cytokine storm"</strong>, an inflammation that was thought to be responsible for lung damage. Now, however, some Italian scholars have shifted the attention of the scientific world to<strong> "Complement waterfall".</strong>

This is the “cascade activation” of a series of proteins “In a very similar way to that of coagulation”. For the first time, explained the study authors, it was demonstrated “how this complement cascade is activated in the course of Covid-19 severe”.

The research was published in the “Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology”, as reported by Il Messaggero, and was conducted by the Irccs Policlinico di Milano and Istituto Auxologico Italiano.

All 31 patients with respiratory failure considered for the research “had signs of activation of the complement cascade,” he assured Massimo Cugno of the Polyclinic of Milan. “The presence of complement activation products in these patients has been shown to be associated with the severity of the disease.”

The “complement waterfall”, appointed by the researchers, would have a fundamental function to defend the body from effective agents and trigger – at the same time – an immune response capable of precipitating the clinical picture in a short time.

With its inhibition, the authors of the study concluded, there could be “a serious therapeutic potential in the course of Covid-19 because, acting simultaneously on both inflammation and coagulation, it can prevent further damage pulmonary and systemic “.

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