Coronavirus Veneto, the spot-shock against the nightlife promoted on social media by Luca Zaia. VIDEO


The title of the campaign is “Happy Hour?” and invites young people above all to remember the importance of the rules of distancing to prevent contagion. The video alternates some pictures of nightlife in a square with a hospital bed
The president of Veneto Luca Zaia shares on social media a spot by the Region against the behaviors that risk spreading the coronavirus infection. The title is “Happy hour?” and the reference is of course to the nightlife and crowds that have been seen in these days during the aperitif time, also in Veneto (LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL).

The spot


Phase 2: Zaia, turning point Thursday

The images show some gatherings of boys in a square, where they drink and greet each other. “It doesn’t take much – says the voice accompanying the spot – a few centimeters less, an oversight, a pat on the shoulder, a warmer greeting, an innocent laugh, a handshake, a lightness. And everything will stop. ” Then the scenario changes and moves to the intensive care of a hospital: “The Covid-19 is fought in the hospital – concludes the voice of the spot – but above all outside” (THE PHOTOS OF THE FIRST SATURDAY EVENING POST LOCKDOWN).

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