Coronavirus vaccine in the summer of 2021, a flu-based hypothesis for children aged 0-6


Virus, Aifa: «The vaccine will be ready Not before spring 2021 »

Not before the spring-summer of 2021. This is the plausible time frame within which a vaccine against the new coronavirus SarsCov2 could arrive. The general director of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA), Nicola Magrini, calls for caution while stressing that at the moment there are more promising vaccines, 5-6 at an advanced stage and Italy also participates in different ways. The expectation for the results of the ongoing vaccine trials is therefore growing. If the numbers of the infection are falling, the definitive defeat of the virus will only be possible with the arrival of the vaccine.

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Virus, WHO: “Eighty thousand children risk not having access to vaccines”

But in this regard Magrini calls for caution: “In my opinion – explained during the weekly press conference at the Higher Institute of Health on the trend of the epidemic curve – the reasonable time to think about a vaccine is next spring-summer, I don’t think for September there may be no vaccine available, although counting very good results, as the phase 1 studies seem. We hope next year and we hope there will be more than one and that the production capacities are adequate ». Referring then to the agreements in progress for pre-emption on potential vaccines, Magrini underlined that there are “also in Europe agreements, of which Italy is a party, to have access” to a future vaccine.

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“We will see – he added – if Italy will compete with its own original vaccine”. Meanwhile, the experimentation of the Gb-Italy vaccine candidate continues, which involves the Jenner Institute of Oxford University and the Italian company Irbm. After adults, children and the elderly will also be enrolled in the tests. Phase I trials, which started in April, involved 1000 adults under 55. Another 10,200 people will now be enrolled between the ages of 56 and 69, over 70s and children between 5 and 12 years old. These trials will serve to see the effects on the immune system of the vaccine, which in monkeys seems to have given good results, giving protection against Covid-19.

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In fact, the animals had fewer particles of the virus in the lungs and respiratory tract, but it is not certain that the same results can be obtained also in humans. Still on the vaccine front, a novelty could come from the next circular of the Ministry of Health on vaccinations against seasonal flu: the recommendation for vaccination could be extended to all children from 0 to 6 years, to over-60s and health workers of the Rsa. The reason for this enlargement of the audience is strictly connected to the Covid-19 emergency. The expanded vaccination would in fact allow to greatly reduce the number of people who could fall ill with seasonal flu with initial symptoms similar to Covid, avoiding clogging in the emergency room.

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