Coronavirus Tuscany: over 10 thousand cases and a thousand deaths, the first infection three months ago


Florence, 21 May 2020 – Tuscany exceeds ten thousand coronavirus cases and a thousand deaths. With the bulletin of Thursday 21 May the data is updated, by overcoming an important “psychological threshold”. Certainly the data for some weeks now shows a constant improvement of the situation, with cases continuously falling and less hospitalized. THE BULLETIN OF THURSDAY 21 MAY

The covid departments of hospitals are closed. But the absolute numbers are there, to remind us how Tuscany has gone through difficult weeks, dotted with many mourners. Young and old people who died in the wards, away from the comfort of their families, people to whom everyone’s thoughts go.

It was February 25 when our online newspaper also reported the first case of coronaviruses in Tuscany. It happened in Florence to an entrepreneur who has returned from Singapore. A second case, in the following hours, was registered in the province of Pistoia. The lockdown had not yet come and perhaps few imagined that the whole region, like the rest of Italy, would close its doors.

Absolute numbers that must remind us how the battle is won, but the war against disease is not. It remains important at this stage two to follow the rules to avoid a coronavirus return.

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