Coronavirus, Trapani is “covid free”: 28 consecutive days without new infections


Trapani the first province of Italy in all respects covid free based on WHO parameters: it has in fact crossed the finish line of the 28 consecutive days without new infections. No practical consequences, no easing of the measures currently in force throughout Sicily but at least the satisfaction of having successfully closed a chapter. The effort to contain Covid risked translating into a mockery today: the provincial bulletin, after 28 days of immobility in its 29th year, registered 5 new people infected. But – as the territorial health company of Trapani specifies – these are residents of the area who have contracted the disease outside the provincial territory. And therefore they do not weigh on the epidemiological curve.

The criteria established by the WHO they say that in order for the pandemic to be considered concluded in a given area, 28 days (equal to two cycles of infection) must pass without new patients. Trapani hit the target on Tuesday and continues in the positive streak today. Since the beginning of the emergency, he has counted just 139 sick people. As mentioned in this statistic, the 5 new patients who emerged yesterday do not enter: although all residents in the area, they were touched by the coronavirus in other areas of Italy (one case in Verona, one in the Marche, another in Messina and so on) . Everyone – they explain to the Trapani-based Ast – has decided to return to their home: here they were immediately subjected to the swab and placed in quarantine.

In other words, the south-western corner of Sicily continues to be covid free, followed by the province of Crotone which has only one day less without new infections. The virus has not disappeared but is isolated: we cannot afford to let our guard down, stress the local health authorities. No practical consequence, therefore, for citizens: all safeguard measures remain in force, including the obligation to wear masks in crowded places or social distancing. After all, only the Region of Sicily or the government will be able to decide on a relaxation of the measures.

May 27, 2020 (change May 27, 2020 | 18:04)


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