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Florence, May 30, 2020 – Tuscany seems to be moving away again from zero coronavirus infection. After the two cases on Friday, there are twelve new cases on Saturday, with six deaths. These are the numbers of the bulletin of Saturday 30 May. The total number of cases since the beginning of the infection reaches 10,100. Meanwhile, 3243 swabs were carried out in the last 24 hours in Tuscany. The six new deaths concern five men and a woman with an average age of 83.3 years. ALL THE UPDATES ON PHASE 2 IN TUSCANY – READ

THE healed they grow by 1.2% and reach a share 7,897 (78.2% of total cases). THE swabs total executed reached quota 249441

Below are the cases of positivity on the territory with the change compared to yesterday (they refer not to the province of residence but to the one in which the diagnosis was made). There are 3,464 cases in Florence today (6 more than yesterday), 564 in Prato, 675 in Pistoia (1 more), 1,049 in Massa Carrara (3 more), 1,361 in Lucca, 892 in Pisa (1 more), 556 in Livorno (1 more), 676 in Arezzo, 438 in Siena, 425 in Grosseto.

Tuscany is confirmed in 10th place in Italy as number of cases, with about 271 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (Italian average around 385 x100,000, yesterday’s figure).

The numbers are still decreasing hospitalized people in the beds dedicated to COVID patients which today are overall 133 or 9 less than yesterday (minus 6.3%) of which 27 in intensive care (4 less than yesterday, minus 12.9%). It is the lowest point since 9 March 2020 for intensive care. It is the lowest point reached since 10 March 2020 for total hospitalizations.

The people altogether healed rise to 7,897 (plus 95 compared to yesterday, plus 1.2%): 1,157 people “clinically healed” (minus 43 compared to yesterday, minus 3.6%), that is, they became asymptomatic after presenting clinical manifestations associated with the infection and 6,740 (more 138 compared to yesterday, plus 2.1%) declared cured in all respects, the so-called viral healings, with double negative buffer.

With regard to the province of notification, the deceased persons are: 2 in Florence, 1 in Prato, 1 in Pistoia, 1 in Massa Carrara, 1 in Arezzo.

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