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Coronavirus emergency
Pisa, 25 May 2020 – In the vast area of ​​the USL Tuscany Northwest Company (which also includes the Pisan Hospital-University Hospital) between Saturday 23 to Monday 25 May they registered 9 new positive cases.

The number of healed patients continues to increase consistently: 2256 viral healings (the so-called “negative”) and 1087 clinical healings have been recorded so far and a total of 3343 healed have been reached. No deaths occurred between yesterday and today on the territory of the ASL Toscana Nord Ovest. Furthermore, as regards the hospitalizations for “Covid-19”, to date there are a total of 29 in the hospitals of the USL Tuscany Northwest Company – 29 of which 7 in Intensive Care. Lastly, from the daily monitoring there are 3482 people in home isolation throughout the territory of the USL Tuscany Northwest Company.


Apuane: 0 Lunigiana: 0 Plain of Lucca: 2 Municipalities: Lucca 2; Serchio Valley: 1 Municipalities: Gallicano 1; Pisan area: 2 Municipalities: Pisa 1, Vicopisano 1; Alta Val di Cecina Val d’Era: 1 Municipalities: Bientina 1; Livornese area: 1 Municipalities: Livorno 1; Elba: 0 Lower Val di Cecina Val di Cornia: 1 Municipalities: San Vincenzo 1; Versilia: 1 Municipalities: Camaiore 1

The USL Toscana Nord Ovest Company reminds in a note that “with its statistics it works on the residence of people and crosses various data related to patients while the information in the possession of the Region refers to the province of reporting. Hence the presence of some small discrepancies between the regional and the corporate reports, which are however reabsorbed in the long term “.

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