Coronavirus: Toia (Pd), ‘year zero of a new Europe’


Rome, 27 May (Adnkronos) – “This may perhaps be the zero year of a new Europe to be built differently than in the recent past. A Europe that rediscovers cohesion and becomes stronger precisely because it is more united and more supportive. The new plan it consists of 500 billion in grants and 250 billion in loans, plus other tools to support cohesion policy in the territories, for cities and businesses, tourism and culture, for training, digital, research, green economy and for health “. This was stated by Patrizia Toia, MEP of the Democratic Party and vice-president of the Industry commission.

“But what matters in the proposal presented today by President Ursula Von der Leyen – adds the exponent Dem – are not only the figures (which are substantial and never seen before), it is above all the fact that a new, more supportive perspective is emerging , more careful to reduce the differences between strong and weak States, more eager to find a common way out and more aware that ‘shared aid and debt’ are an investment for the common future “.

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