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Coronavirus infections in Italy rise to 231,832: of these are 47,986 the current positives, with an increase of 593 cases compared to the previous day, according to the latest Civil Protection bulletin. Here is the map of the infection Region by Region:

Lombardy: 88,183

Piedmont: 30,445

Emilia Romagna: 27,701

Veneto: 19.125

Tuscany: 10,086

Liguria: 9,605

Lazio: 7,693

Brands: 6.719

Campania: 4,777

Puglia: 4,481

Trento: 4,425

Sicily: 3,438

Friuli VG: 3,262

Abruzzo: 3,237

Bolzano: 2,595

Umbria: 1,431

Sardinia: 1,355

Aosta Valley: 1,182

Calabria: 1,158

Molise: 435

Basilicata: 399

The debate on travel between regions from 3 June continues in Italy: in relation to the idea of ​​a “health passport” launched by some regions, Minister Francesco Boccia replied that this proposal is unconstitutional, because a region cannot adopt measures that hinder the free movement of people. The governor of Veneto Zaia has declared that he wants to open clubs on 15 June, as well as theaters and cinemas. The Gimbe foundation accused the Lombardy region of “adjusting” the data on the infections for fear of another stop; the president of the foundation Nino Cartabellotta said that “it is as if there is a sort of need to keep the number of cases diagnosed below a certain level”. In response to these claims, the Lombardy region has decided to file a lawsuit against the Gimbe foundation.

5.6 million cases of infection worldwide; in Seoul, South Korea, it closes after a record increase in infections in the last few days. China is about to give the go-ahead to charter flights with 8 countries, including Italy (the US is currently excluded). In France, bars and restaurants will reopen on 2 June. Over 100,000 dead in the United States, where the unemployed increased by over 2 million in a week, reaching 41 million since the start of the pandemic. Over 1000 new victims in Brazil, where the death toll rises to more than 25 thousand deaths. There are more than 4000 deaths in Russia, which records more than 379 thousand total infections. WHO has recorded over 159,000 excess deaths in Europe since the beginning of March to today.

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