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Yesterday the number of deaths in Italy started to rise again: 117 new victims in our country. The number of infections is also on the rise: 584, 65% of which in Lombardy alone.

09.34 hours – Dl Companies: 413,442 applications to the Guarantee Fund

The Ministry of Economic Development has announced that 413,442 applications have been received by the Guarantee Fund in the period from 17 March to 27 May, for a total amount of 19 billion euros.

09.20 am – American Airlines and EasyJet announce substantial staff cuts

Airlines continue to face the pandemic. American Airlines has announced a 30% staff cut between managerial and administrative staff. This is a reduction of 5,000 jobs. Furthermore, according to the CNBC, the airline also offered exit incentives to flight attendants and other employees to voluntarily dismiss themselves. EasyJet instead announced a reduction of 4,500 jobs, equal to 30% of its workforce. EasyJet estimates that its flight capacities between July and September will be only 30% of those of summer 2019 and does not foresee a return to normal before 2023.

08.57 am – Florida: Disney World will reopen in mid-July

The Walt Disney Company has announced the reopening of Disney World amusement park starting July 15. Visitors must wear masks and cannot approach the costumed characters for the classic ritual photos.

08.40 am – United States: more than 100 thousand dead

There are 100,442 victims of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States. The data was provided by Johns Hopkins University, according to which there are 1,699,933 confirmed cases in the country.

8.30 am – Brazil: over 1000 deaths in the last 24 hours

The number of victims in the country has reached 25,598, with an increase of 1,086 deaths in the last 24 hours. Yesterday 20,599 new cases of contagion were recorded which brought the total to 411,821, making Brazil the most affected country in the world after the United States.

8.00 am – South Korea, the infections return to rise: 79 in the last 24 hours

In the country there has been the highest number of infections since 5 April: 79 new positives. Sixty-nine of these are people who work in a logistics center in the city of Bucheon, an urban center of 800 thousand inhabitants. The Mayor of the city announced that 3,600 people have been identified who have had links with the logistics center in the last few days; everyone will now undergo the swab test. Health authorities are evaluating the possibility of a return to stricter rules of social distancing.

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