Coronavirus, today’s data: Italy exceeds 33 thousand deaths, 65% of new cases concentrated in Lombardy


Data on the epidemic of Coronavirus in Italy provided by the civil protection this afternoon: in the last 24 hours there have been 117 dead, 2,433 healed it has just 584 new cases up 67,324 swabs. Today, therefore, the result was positive 0.8% of tests carried out, in line with last week’s data! Over 65% of new cases, 384, was registered in Lombardy while as many as 18 Regions register fewer than 15 positives.

Italy’s budget continues to deteriorate, with over 33 thousand dead: in the world only Belgium had a significantly higher number of victims than the population, while the Italian figure is in line with that of Spain and the United Kingdom and is the worst in the whole world. The data:

  • 231.139 infected
  • 33,072 dead
  • 147,101 healed

The people currently ill are 50966. These patients are divided as follows:

  • 7,729 hospitalized (15%)
  • 505 hospitalized in intensive care (1%)
  • 42732 in home isolation (84%)

Even today it is the number of hospitalized people decreased: in the intensive care units we have 16 fewer patients than yesterday, and in other departments 188 less, for a total of 204 fewer hospitalizations.

The chart with the trend of the data of new daily infections in Italy from 26 February is eloquent:

The table with all the data Region by Region:

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