Coronavirus, today in Italy RECORD of over 75 thousand swabs: just 0.8% positive, hospitals continue to empty [DATI]


Data on the epidemic of Coronavirus in Italy provided by the civil protection this afternoon: in the last 24 hours there have been 130 dead, 2,160 healed it has just 652 new cases (of which 293 in Lombardy is 87 in Piedmont) on well 75,380 swabs, the highest number ever tried in our country in a single day. Today it just tested positive 0.8% of the tests carried out, exactly like yesterday: the best result since the beginning of the pandemic.

Italy’s budget is now:

  • 228,658 infected
  • 32,616 dead
  • 136.720 healed

The people currently ill are 59322. These patients are divided as follows:

  • 8,957 hospitalized (15%)
  • 595 hospitalized in intensive care (1%)
  • 49770 in home isolation (84%)

Even today it is the number of hospitalized people decreased: in the intensive care units we have 45 fewer patients than yesterday, and in other departments 312 less, for a total of 357 fewer hospitalizations.

The chart with the trend of the data of new daily infections in Italy from 26 February is eloquent:

The table with all the data Region by Region:

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