Coronavirus, three new positives in Rome and twelve in the province: trend at 0.2 percent


There are three new Covid19 positives in Rome, twelve in the province. These data that Friday May 29 were provided by the ASL.


ASL Roma 1 – a new positive case. 27 people left home surveillance

ASL Roma 2 – a new positive case. 11 people came out of home surveillance

ASL Roma 3 – a new positive case. 12 people left home surveillance

ASL Roma 4 – a new positive case. 4 deaths. 6 people left home surveillance

Asl Roma 5 – two new positive cases

Asl Roma 6 – nine new positive cases, five of which refer to the cluster of the housing home for the elderly Villa Fortunata di Anzio being transferred to the RSA Covid of Genzano and Albano. Fifty-one people undergoing epidemiological investigation have left home surveillance.

Alessio D’Amato, today’s video conference of the regional task force for COVID-19 with the directors general of the Local Health Authorities and Hospital and Polyclinic University and Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù.

“Today we record a figure of 16 positive cases in the last 24 hours with an outbreak immediately limited to Anzio and a trend at 0.2%. It is a record of the healed and discharged who grew by 245 units (healed) and 218 units (discharged). In Rome, the lowest figure since the beginning of the emergency is recorded with three new cases “.

“Activities for serological tests for health workers and law enforcement agencies continue. To date, the share of the 55 thousand seroprevalence tests has been exceeded with an incidence of 2.5% and thanks to the tests, 102 asymptomatic buffer positives have so far been identified promptly, the integrated system is working. The activity at the drive-ins for tampons continues and the ‘contact tracing’ has been enhanced with an operational meeting every day with the local health authorities on the tracking. There have been 8 deaths in the last 24 hours to which are added 5 recoveries of notifications, while the total number of people healed is 3,825 in total and the total swabs performed have been around 250,000 “.
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