Coronavirus, the winning model of the Reggio Calabria Units: new therapy against Covid-19, patent filed [DETTAGLI]


20 May 2020 18:38

The Reggio Calabria Hospitals meet the press to take stock of the situation on the Coronavirus emergency, “now that the worst has passed”

A press conference was held this afternoon at the “Spinelli” Room of the “Riuniti” Presidium of the Great “Bianchi-Melacrino-Morelli” Metropolitan Hospital in Reggio Calabria to take stock of the situation on the Coronavirus emergency, “now that the worst is over“. In Reggio Calabria, in the least affected province of Italy, the hospital has become an emergency management model and the management wanted to publish a book in which it described all the measures, procedures and protocols adopted, step by step , to face the Covid-19 and allow everyone to equip themselves with similar success in cases of possible new calamities. The book was born from a team effort coordinated by the Extraordinary Commissioner of the G.O.M. of Reggio Calabria, Ing. Iole Fantozzi, which is characterized by its dual anthological value, in its capacity as a collection of all the activities of the G.O.M. in relation to COVID-19, and preparatory, in the event of having to face a new emergency of the same type. The proceeds from the sale of the book will be entirely donated to the Pediatric Oncohematology Unit of the Great Metropolitan Hospital “Bianchi-Melacrino-Morelli” in Reggio Calabria.

The other aspect discussed during the conference was based on research activities in the Covid-19 emergency. As part of these activities, a short report has already been published on therapeutic protocol for artificial nutrition of critically ill patients with Coronavirus. The research line of the G.O.M. has expanded in the light of the multidisciplinary professional skills present in the G.O.M. in collaboration with national and international university and research centers on other strands.

  1. Multi-center observational evaluation of the GOIM / CIPOMO group (Invidia 2 study) on the susceptibility to CoViD-19 and influenza virus and of the possible adverse events of immunotherapy with PD1 / PDL1 inhibitory antibodies in patients with lung cancer.
  2. Epidemiological correlation on the Italian national territory of the regional and provincial incidence of the Covid-19 infection with the different frequency of expression of class I HLA alleles A B and C.

The study was developed by the following researchers:

  • Dr. Pierpaolo Correale, UOC of Medical Oncology,
  • The UOSD team of Tissue Typing directed by dr Giuseppa Romeo,
  • Prof. Sen. Pierpaolo Sileri and Dr. Giovanni Baglio, Ministry of Health,
  • prof Francesca Pentimalli, Cell Biology and Biotherapy Unit, National Cancer Institute-IRCCS-G. Pascale Foundation, I-80131, Naples,
  • Prof. Antonio Giordano and Prof Luciano Mutti, Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, Center for Biotechnology, College of Science and Technology, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, PA 19122, USA.

The project has so far led to the filing of a patent and the submission of two manuscripts (Frontiers Immunol and Lancet Ecology). They will develop on the basis of a retrospective case / control study with the study of any immunological alterations of the T and B lymphocyte compartment.

The study of a team of specialists of the G.O.M. of Reggio Calabria of a treatment of acute lung damage linked to Covid19 through an innovative technique designed in collaboration with Dr. M. Sitkovsky of the “New England Inflammation and Tissue Protection Institute, Northeastern University”, Boston, Massachusetts, and which could have implications even outside the Covid epidemic in inflammatory lung injury situations. The treatment technique developed in the G.O.M. led to the resolution of the dyspnoic picture in 13 out of 14 patients treated in an off label condition, in just 120 hours. The treatment technique is patented and published in an international journal and is being examined by AIFA for the creation of a large-scale randomized clinical trial.

This study developed in parallel in the clinical and laboratory settings and involves research centers of national and international importance. The staff of the Great Metropolitan Hospital involved so far is:

  • Drs Pierpaolo Correale, Antonella Falzea, Eleonora Iuliano, Rocco Giannicola, UOC Medical Oncology;
  • Dott. Sebastiano Macheda and his team, UOC Resuscitation;
  • Dott. Massimo Caracciolo, UOSD Post-operative Intensive Care;
  • Dr. Antonella Morabito, UOC Pharmacy;
  • Dott. Giuseppe Foti, Dr. Carmelo Magano and Team, UOC Infectious Diseases;
  • Dott. Antonio Armentano, Dr. Nicola Arcadi, Dr. Carmela Falcone, and UOC Radiology team;
  • Dott. Marco Conte and Team, UOC Microbiology;
  • Dott. Corrado Mammì, UOSD Medical Genetics;
  • Drs Giuseppa Romeo is Rita E. Saladino UOSD Tissue Typing Laboratory.

The project includes external collaborations with:

  • Prof. Michail Sitkovsky, New England Inflammation and Tissue Protection Institute, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
  • Prof. Antonio De Lorenzo, Section of Clinical Nutrition and Nutrigenomic, Department of Biomedicine and Prevention, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Rome, Italy
  • Prof. Federico Bilotta, Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Policlinico Umberto I, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Rome, Italy
  • Prof. Michele Caraglia, Department of Precision Medicine, University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli “, Naples, Italy

Further research activities currently being published in important scientific journals and concerning the issues related to CoVid-19 are the following:

  • Molecularpathophysiology and radiologicalsigns in pulmonaryfibrosis and crazypaving in COVID 19. International Journal of Molecular sciences. Dr. C. Falcone
  • Prognosticrole of nutritional and inflammatoryindices in pneumonia COVID19: clinical management to counteractmalnutitionfragility. Nutriens
  • Inflammationmolecularpathways of bodycompositionchanges and radiological signas resolution during Covid-19
  • Canakinumab for the Treatment of COVID-19 MacrophageActivationSyndrome: A Case Report Massimo Caracciolo, Sebastiano Macheda, Demetrio Labate, Marco Tescione, Stefano La Scala, Eugenio VadalĂ , Rosalba Squillaci, Francesco D’Aleo, Cristina Garreffa, Maria Concetta Marciano, and Esther N Oliva – International Journal of Molecular Sciences
  • Fat mass, rather body mass index, predicts the necessity for ICU treatment in COVID-19 patients. The American Journal of ClinicalNutrition. A. De Lorenzo, MG Tarsitano, C. Falcone, L.Romano, S.Macheda, A.Ferrarelli, D. Labate, M. Tescione, F. Bilotta, P. Gualtieri.

The GOM of Reggio Calabria has also adhered to the interventional study protocol to evaluate the efficacy and safety of hyperimmune plasma treatment in patients with severe Covid-19 infection.

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