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New York, May 21, 2020 – The United States has also set its sights on Anglo-Italian vaccine against Coronavirus being tested at Jenner Institute from Oxford University and to which the Italian company Irbm from Pomezia also collaborates.
The multinational Astrazeneca – which will handle the worldwide production and distribution of the vaccine – has announced that the United States has also decided to participate in the trial, with a $ 1 billion funding. Furthermore, the new data is that they will soon be available in September 400 million doses and that the scheduled doses by 2020-21 are one billion.

Vaccine, the risk of hoarding

But who will have access to the vaccine? After the pre-emption of a total of 100 million doses by the British government and 300 million doses by the United States, the multinational Astrazeneca specifies that it is working on “parallel agreements”, also with other European governments, to ensure a “wide and equitable supply of the vaccine in the world, with a non-profit model, during the pandemic”.
This is to try to ward off the inevitable tendency for the ‘hoarding’ of the precious vaccine by the various countries. The idea is to arrive at a “fair allocation and distribution of the vaccine in the world”, and the company is working with international organizations such as the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), the Alliance for Gavi vaccines and the World Organization. of health.
To increase vaccine production, the multinational also contacted the Serum Institute of India and other potential partners.

At what point is the Anglo-Italian vaccine

Phase 1-2 testing is currently underway, conducted on over 1000 healthy volunteers between 18 and 55 years old in various centers in England. At this stage it is necessary to prove the safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of the vaccine. If the results are positive, the final tests will also be conducted in other countries.

Funding the vaccine

And a new push comes from the billion dollars arriving from the US through the US Authority for Advanced Biomedical Research (Barda). The development program includes a phase 3 clinical trial with 30 thousand participants and also a pediatric trial. An ambitious program but, for the moment, with a ‘closed box’: the multinational drug company, in fact, will start production immediately assuming the risk of any unexpected events or unsatisfactory final results of the experimentation.

Vaccine and production at risk

Astrazeneca recognizes that the vaccine “may not work, but is committed to carrying out the program and clinical trials quickly, and to increase production” at risk “”. A bet that the multinational is ready to make, pending the final results of the phase 1-2 tests and after specifying Irbm – in reference to press reports – that none of the macaques on which the vaccine has previously been tested has contracted Covid-19 pneumonia.
The other running vaccines
The Anglo-Italian one is obviously not the only possible vaccine: so far there are over 100 candidates running for the vaccine, for 118 companies involved. The one born from the initial Gb-Italy partnership starts from two consolidated experts: the experience of Irbm regards the use of adenovirus, a flu virus, used weakened to transport the synthesized Spike gene of SarsCov2 in the human body. When the ‘transporter’ adenovirus enters the body, the latter reacts and creates antibodies. The expert of the Jenner Institute, on the other hand, derives from having already tested and used a similar anti-Mers vaccine on humans in Arabia.

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