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Seregno, May 28, 2020 – After the acute phase, doctors and researchers are now busy studying the damage that the COVID-19 created in the population. Complications that concern not only the pulmonary system but also other organs and devices whose functionality in some cases is seriously compromised.

The section Lombard of the Italian Society of Neurologists Neurosurgeons and Hospital Neuroradiologists (SNO) has recently started a systematic study on neurological complications caused by the pandemic that dramatically affected the entire region. Since Lombardy has been affected by almost half of the cases of the infection, it is clear that the study has absolute relevance also at national level. The research, which has the support of the national president Maurizio Melis, is coordinated by Dr. Antonio Colombo, a member of the company’s national executive and current director of the Neurological Pole Brianteo of Seregno and the Lombard coordinator Dr. Andrea Salmaggi chief of the Neurology of the Manzoni Hospital of Lecco.

“Research – the coordinators said – will involve most of the Neurologies of Lombard hospitals and also some university clinics. Naturally more attention will be paid to the most important complications and first of all to strokes, namely the occlusions of cerebral arteries with consequent more or less extensive lesions of the brain that cause hemiparesis and numerous other focal disorders, up to coma and exitus. Among the colleagues interested in this important study there are also Dr. Maria Sessa primary of the Neurology of the Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo and Dr. Mauro Magoni responsible for the vascular Neurology of Brescia, who for all these last months have been literally in the eye of the cyclone of the pandemic “.

More very significant complications are encephalitis, that means brain inflammation from virus invasion, with very serious consequences for patients recovered from viral infection: “By way of example – said Dr. Antonio Colombo who has considerable professional experience having led the neurology division of the Desio hospital for many decades – already in the first 5 days we have collected a considerable number of cases registered in the hospitals of Bergamo, Legnano, Como, Policlinico of Milan, Vimercate, Brescia, San Carlo of Milan, Humanitas of Milan, Gallarate, Mantua, Chiari, Melegnano and Crema. We are also collecting the many cases of a complication affecting the Peripheral Nervous System and known as Giullain Barré Syndrome, consisting of an immune-based inflammation that affects all peripheral nerves, progressively paralyzing the patient, with the risk that respiration will also be stopped. fifty full-blown cases due to the aftermath of Covid 19 “.

A very relevant study that will also take the form of a dedicated symposium that will take place on 8 October in the amphitheater of the Banco di Desio headquarters and in a comprehensive monograph which will be published by the SNO magazine “Progress in Neuroscience”. The study will allow to analyze in the field the deleterious action of Covid-19 on the Nervous System, considered to be equal to 25 -34% in the few Chinese works known so far and to better evaluate the therapies found most appropriate and most adequate, as well as increase and in-depth neurological knowledge so as to face any resurgence of the pandemic immediately and effectively.

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