Coronavirus, the “sentinels” arrive on the free beaches: the Municipality of Livorno recruits volunteers


Raise your hand if you meet an untanned Livornese. The Vernacoliere-style joke was almost a mantra until a few months ago, because already in the spring (and sometimes even in the winter) many citizens of the Tuscan city spent their free time being pampered by the sun. Then the nefarious Coronavirus made the city pale in spirit and skin, even if now with Phase 2 (for some very risky) the rocks of the Naval Academy, the popular beach of the Three Bridges and the enchanting cliffs of the Romito (those of the film Sorpasso by Dino Risi) are once again crowded with tireless “tintarellari” and very “stuck”, or one next to the other in spite of the distancing. With the risk, in the free beaches, that the blessed tan turns into a dangerous exposure not only to UV rays but also to Covid.

So the Municipality of Livorno has decided to recruit volunteers, a sort of sentinels of the safe tan, capable of signaling crowds under the sun. The town hall is making agreements with voluntary associations and it is not excluded that recruitment may already take place during the start of this armored summer. Obviously, as specified by the town hall, the volunteers they will not replace the police but will report only risky situations.

The idea seems not to be displeasing to the people of Livorno even if someone wonders about privacy and the opportunity to to be observed in costume more or less succinct by unknown sentries. Meanwhile, the Municipality is also taking steps to install along the coast, near all the free beaches and stretches of cliffs frequented by swimmers, billboards with mandatory rules. Which? Distance of at least 1.5 meters from other bathers, obligation to use the mask if you walk in crowded places e ban on games and group sports.

The latter ban could also affect the concrete bathing establishments of the city. In this case they would also be prohibited the mythical “gabion” matches, another Livornese tradition. The “gabion” is the Livorno version of the football invented half a century ago by the great Armando Picchi, captain of Inter and the national and thoroughbred Labronic, who is consumed in fields enclosed by wire nets, a very high voltage game without times and without age. There are crazy teams that play it in the summer, at noon, others in the winter at minus three degrees. And there is even that he gets up at dawn to reserve the cement and net field.

But the game against Covid-19 would be lost on the table.

May 29, 2020 (change May 29, 2020 | 10:47)


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