Coronavirus, the Region confirms: zero deaths on Sunday, but today there are 34


After the good news that no deaths were reported in Lombardy on Sunday (were there or have not been reported?), The Region’s press conference today, Monday 25 May, was particularly important to understand if really one week after the stop at lockdown the situation is improving.

Today Lombardy records 34 victims, for a total of 15,874. Yesterday zero deaths from Coronavirus were recorded in the region, a figure confirmed by the Region according to the ANSA report. Two days ago 56 new victims had been registered.

Compared to yesterday, 24 May, there are 148 new positive cases (285 yesterday), for a total of 87,258 cases recorded since the start of the pandemic.

The currently positive decreases by 399 units, for a total of 25,215 patients currently suffering from Covid-19.

675,882 (+5,641) swabs were made. The number of ICU patients has dropped by 1 in the past 24 hours. There are currently 3,721 inpatients with symptoms, with a decrease of 296 patients compared to yesterday. The number of people healed increased by 513, bringing the total number of people discharged in the region to 46.169 people.



The data relating to Covid-19 cases distributed in the Lombardy provinces:

Bergamo: 12.954 (+48)
Brescia: 14.479 (+3)
Como: 3.760 (+3)
Cremona: 6,396 (+5)
Lecco: 2,724 (+4)
Lodi: 3,406 (+3)
Monza and Brianza: 5,460 (+21)
Milan: 22,726 (+46) of which 9,624 (+27) in Milan city
Mantua: 3,320 (=)
Pavia: 5,206 (+4)
Sondrio: 1,426 (+10)
Varese: 3,511 (+5)



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