Coronavirus, the point on aid after three months of emergency – Fund asked for 8 million employees: one in 4 is still waiting. Autonomous, 800 thousand on stand-by for the bonus


Three months after the Covid emergency began, one in four workers among those for which the layoffs or another shock has not yet received a euro. A step forward, of course, compared to the situation in late April when more than half of potential beneficiaries was waiting for help. But meanwhile more time has passed and 1.8 million people – above all employees of small companies and workers who are already “weak” as those of public procurement contracts canteen services and cleaning – they remain without income. While more than 800 thousand autonomous they had no answer on the 600 euro bonus. A situation that “can generate social tensions that the country cannot afford, “warned the confederal secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL Tania Scacchetti, Luigi Sbarra is Ivana Veronese in a letter to the minister Nunzia Catalfo and to the president INPS Pasquale Tridico. Which in the meantime must also face the questions for the emergency income and for the enhanced babysitting bonus and preparing to manage the cash dispenser so far in the hands of the Regions. Then, another painful knot will come to a close: in mid-June many companies will have finished the first nine weeks of shock absorbers for Covid and they won’t be able to ask for more until September.

4.1 million cash advance from the company. From INPS 2 million payments – Inps data updated to 25 May shows that 1.1 million companies have asked for support for 7,946,992 workers. Between them, 4.1 million received the shock through a advance paid by the employer who will then receive the adjustment from INPS. While the institution paid directly only 2 millions of checks. L‘Bank advance it was so complicated to ask that about ten out of 100 workers benefited from it. 1.8 million of people, even if the institution officially counts only the “beneficiaries to be paid” 778mila for which direct payment requests have been sent and have not yet been processed. If the lockdown it has affected the activities of their companies in the same or almost the same way, the shock absorbers have not all come together.

Cashier waiver only for half the workers – “The ordinary cig with Covid reason”, for which about 4 million questions were asked, “more or less arrived at its destination”, he explains to Veronese from Uil. “On the contrary on the cash in derogation”, asked for 1.38 million workers, “Because of the” cap “of the Regions, little has come”. I’m 674 thousand beneficiaries paid: half of those who would be entitled to that money. Finally there is the ordinary check of Wage integration fund (FIS) which covers for example the sectors trade, services is tourism: asked for 2.5 million employees, it was paid by INPS only to 409 thousand people. There are no official data on how many companies anticipated it, but protests by workers from Restaurants, hotels, canteens and schools from Milan to Rome show that many have not seen a penny.

“Waiting for those who were weaker before. Shock absorber reform needed “ – Those who still wait, in short, “are often people with low incomes like women workers canteens, or with discontinuous activities such as touristic guides“, Comments the secretary Uil. “Or workers who, out of the emergency, do not even have the right to shock absorbers in constant relationships. We cannot remember some sectors only when a crisis like this breaks out. Already last December we had informed Minister Catalfo that reform was urgently needed because too many were left uncovered “. Now with the Revival decree, “The exemption cash mechanism has changed, transferring the skills to INPS, which should also advance 40% to the beneficiaries. But it will be valid from June ”. And the mechanism is by no means lean: it is necessary to submit an application mid-month for the advance and one for the final balance with the detail of the cash hours actually used. If the advance is higher than due, the money will be returned.

The hole in June: “The little ones will remain without a net” – But just in June another flaw will open in which the workers whose companies have finished nine weeks of cushions for Covid next month. “The five additional weeks provided for in the relaunch decree must be enjoyed by August 31st,” he recalls Vincenzo Silvestri, national councilor of the Order of Labor Consultants. “Those who started the cash register in March will finish them by mid-June and at that point they will have to wait for four more September. In the meantime, until August 17 there is prohibition to lay off. How will companies do it? Those still standing will have to suspend them or try to get ordinary shock absorbers, which however have stricter requirements and are not accessible to everyone: the “little ones” who now have the cig in derogation they will remain without a net. Waiting for INPS to calculate the membership draft of the box, with the hope that something will go forward. ” The other hope is that something will come from the European fund sure which could be operational from July. But it’s late second Antonino Alessi, president of the Labor Consultants of Palermo, who warns: “If a further three-month lay-off in derogation, or in any case an instrument of social and entrepreneurial protection, will not be included in the conversion phase of the Decree Law, in Sicily tens of thousands of workers this summer they will not have access to any form of income. ”

The 600 euros: over 800 thousand pending applications – As for self-employed, chefs and professionals, INPS paid the allowance of 600 euros provided for by the decree Cura Italia and extended by the relaunch decree to just under four million people against 4.8 million applications received. I am therefore beyond 800 thousand those still under investigation, which as anticipated by the president Pasquale Tridico “For the most part they will be rejected.” In 250 thousand cases the problem was theiban not corresponding to the applicant’s data – the institute does not exclude fraud attempts – and others 500 thousand people did not meet the requirements. But among them there are also many seasonal whose applications “were rejected due to problems of encoding of practices, “he reveals Silvestri. “In practice, the institute’s code did not correspond to that of seasonal work. Now they have assured us that they will review the requests automatically … “. But there are also those who received the bonus and may have to return it, even if INPS did not want to provide data on this.

1,200 euro babysitting bonus: requests blocked until Monday – Not even on the aid front for working parents, everything went smoothly. They have been disbursed 269328 extraordinary leave, very few if compared with 1.7 million of beneficiaries estimated by Technical report of the cure Italy. Maybe because I am paid 50% and in order to obtain them, there must be no other parent who benefits from income support tools. The questions of bonus baby sitting from 600 euros – alternative to leave – instead they were 191 thousand, of which 154 thousand are being used, in line with forecasts. But now the ITPS and bureaucratic hitches of INPS are complicating things. Although the relaunch decree has been in the Official Journal from 19 May, until Monday 1 June it will not be possible to apply for the two new bonuses for services of baby sitting is enrollment in summer camps and supplementary services for children, doubled to 1,200 euros. “INPS has assured that they are in the process of adjustment IT procedures to allow the submission of the application within the first week of June, “said the Minister for the Family Elena Bonetti during the Question Time in the Chamber.

In the meantime, the institute must also deal with 100 thousand applications for emergency income and 44 thousand for the 500 euro allowance reserved for domestic workers.

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